Underground Mining Services

As an OEM of underground and longwall power distribution equipment, Ampcontrol is committed to supporting its customers to maintain efficient and safe operations. We strive to optimise your electrical assets in harsh underground environments.

Key to this commitment is our 24/7 Underground Field Service Team. We provide onsite support and service to ensure your underground electrical and electronic systems are compliant and run at optimum levels.

Our onsite support teams can provide adhoc and scheduled support to help you commission, manage and maintain your electrical infrastructure including longwall electrical systems, control and monitoring systems, conveyors and underground power infrastructure.

As an electrical equipment OEM, Ampcontrol knows the operational value of what we design and manufacture. This is why we are committed to providing early intervention and best practice maintenance procedures to minimise disruption and ensure the availability of your longwall systems.

Our onsite service teams provide time phased longwall electrical maintenance plans and corresponding inspection documentation to ensure the highest safety standards are maintained and are compliant to statutory requirements of AS2290, providing you with the peace of mind of knowing your equipment will run as it is supposed to when it’s supposed to.

Typical support plans include a range of testing, maintenance, overhaul and site services.

We have a well equipped fleet of service vehicles and teams providing quick response 24 hours a day, seven days a week.