Transformer Maintenance Services

Transformer Maintenance Services Australia is now part of the Ampcontrol Group, but its business as usual for us as we continue to deliver our specialist range of transformer testing and maintenance services from our office in Hume, ACT.

We’re dedicated to ensuring your transformer performs optimally through the provision of a range of testing and maintenance services, including:

  • Transformer oil sampling and testing
  • Transformer oil regeneration both online and offline
  • Supply of regenerated transformer oil
  • Collection and recycling of old PCB free transformer oil
  • Collection and disposal of obsolete equipment
  • Vacuum filling of new transformers
  • Vacuum drying of transformers, including degassing and removal of particles
  • Supply and installation of filtration and dry out systems for transformer windings, tap-changers and switchgear
  • Supply of velcon filters
  • Management and transportation of PCB transformer oil and hardwaste, including retrofills of contaminated equipment
  • Transformer servicing and maintenance, including gasket and bushing replacement
  • Refurbishment of transformers onsite
  • SD Myer Course work on Half-Century Transformer Maintenance