User Manual – Outlet Test System (OTS)

The Ampcontrol Outlet Test System (OTS) and Outlet Test System – Earth Leakage (OTS-EL) provide a fully automated testing facility. The OTS completely eliminates paper-based record keeping by concurrently updating a historical database with the latest test data. The OTS (or OTS-EL) is comprised of an OTS module, embedded within the outlet electrics, and an OTS Comms Module, mounted on the door to provide Bluetooth connectivity to the Tester. The full OTS module will test the outlet’s earth leakage, earth continuity, earth fault lockout and frozen contactor protection functions while the OTS-EL version will limit testing to earth leakage protection only.

All tests, for both the OTS and OTS-EL, are initiated wirelessly via the OTS Application Software, which is installed on compatible Bluetooth enabled devices. Each outlet is able to be individually targeted to prevent incorrect outlet testing. The test record for each outlet is managed within the OTS Application Software, with all records automatically uploaded to cloud storage when the tablet gains network access. All test records for any OTS equipped outlet on a site can be accessed by anyone with internet access, user ID and password.


Technical Datasheet – Outlet Test System (OTS)

The OTS System is installed into Ampcontrol Substations, Distribution Boards and Outlet Control Boxes. The OTS greatly simplifies the statutory testing process, performing a hands-free, automated testing function whilst simultaneously providing a comprehensive record management tool.


Outlet Test System (OTS)

Ampcontrol’s OTS is a fully automated, comprehensive outlet testing facility that eliminates paper-based record keeping.
Designed specifically for the hard rock mining industry, the OTS tests and validates the positive operation of the protection functions outlined in AS/NZS2081 and clearance times for earth leakage protection.


Catalogue – Hard Rock Mining

Hard rock mining specific power distribution, surface power equipement, conveyor solutions, cable management, fibre optics, field services and testing.


1000V Jumbo Starter

Ampcontrol’s 1000V Jumbo Starter is designed specifically for hard rock mining applications.
It is fitted with Ampcontrol’s PF1 and OTS technologies.

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