Supporting transformers throughout their lifecycle

High Voltage Transformer

1. Engineering

It all starts with engineering. Ampcontrol’s highly experienced transformer engineers assess your requirements and develop innovative and appropriate solutions. Our design engineers work with your project from concept through to final commissioning, and use the latest transformer design software including SPARON, VLN and Anderson programs and 3D mechanical design applications.

2. Coil winding

Ampcontrol’s transformer manufacturing facility in Tomago, NSW, Australia, features a dedicated and separate clean winding space, with a range of winding machines with expanding mandrels to suit required sizes. We work with copper aluminium, paper (including thermally upgraded paper) and Nomex coverings and continuously transposed conductors. We have a vertical winding machine for larger power transformers and a foil winding machine for smaller distribution transformers.

3. Core slitting and lamination cutting

Using slitting and mitre cutting lines transformer cores are slit and cut to accurate geometric shapes requiring precision engineering.

4. Assembly

Our experienced assembly team build transformer cores, assemble windings onto the core, build the cleat and lead arrangements and manage the drying and tightening process. We utilise four drying ovens rated up to 220°C including a vacuum oven which features cyclically applied heat and vacuums ensuring moisture and water vapour are removed from the core and winding assembly.

5. Tank production and repair

We manage the production and repair of tanks for liquid cooled (oil and other fluids) power and specialist transformers along with GNAN tanks for a range of challenging applications. Our stringent fabrication quality control standards ensure high quality transformer tanks.

6. Testing

Ampcontrol’s experienced test engineers undertake comprehensive testing of all of our transformers. Our transformer testing facilities feature a high voltage test bay including 1000kV/75kJ impulse testing certified to ISO/IEC 17025, DDF, SFRA, PD, noise level and harmonics testing; a routine test bay with 11kV mains connected test supply and regulator to conduct load loss, no load loss and temperature rise testing up to 75MVA 132kV; a partial discharge free high frequency generator for induced over voltage and partial discharge testing and power frequency withstand voltage testing up to 350kV.

7. Install and commission

Our team of experienced technicians and engineers conduct onsite assembly and commissioning. We also provide supervision services to work with your own competent installation and service team to ensure Ampcontrol transformers are installed and commissioned to the highest standards.

8. Maintenance, overhauls and upgrades

Maintaining, overhauling or upgrading your transformer can be a cost and time effective alternative to capital expenditure on new equipment. Our transformer overhaul work encompasses:

  • Replacement gaskets and service bushings
  • Winding repairs and replacement
  • Controlled oven drying of windings
  • Testing and filtering of oil including a mobile Fuller’s Earth Oil Treatment facility
  • Tank repairs and modifications, repainting, vacuum and pressure testing
  • Fitting of additional protection devices and cable boxes
  • Tap changer services
  • Oil leak repairs
  • Full testing to Australian standards