Asset Management

We know the operational value of what we design and manufacture, which is why we are focused on optimising the equipment you have invested in and ensuring operational availability.

Engaging Ampcontrol as your asset management partner means continuity of technical support and a commitment to making sure your equipment runs as it is supposed to, doesn’t breakdown and is statutory compliant.

Partnering with Ampcontrol in the ongoing management of your electrical assets means assurance of optimum output and availability.

When it comes to our products and equipment, we are second to none. When you partner with Ampcontrol in the ongoing management of your assets, you are partnering with the R&D engineer, manufacturer and commission-to-site technician – all working to maximise your electrical assets.

We also have nearly 50 years experience in the design of multi-site, multi-use applications along with decades of historical data and knowledge of our products. We apply this experience to every new site and application to develop an Asset Management Strategy that works for your site. Find out more about our approach to developing an Asset Management Strategy and your Asset Risk Profile. 

Ampcontrol – Your Partner With Experience

Our depth of experience in the mining industry means we can manage every aspects of your electrical equipment, from intro-to-site to AS/NZS2290 inspections and daily equipment tests.

We can tailor our plans to your needs so that our specialist knowledge and skilled technicians optimise your assets on a scheduled basis, leaving the day to day to your team.

Whatever the approach, Ampcontrol partners with you to achieve your production outcomes, whether we are a phone call away or working right next to you onsite.