Gas Detection

Underground Gas Detection

Mining industry requirements and regulations surrounding the operation and maintenance of gas detectors and ventilation monitoring and control have become more stringent in recent years.

With these gas detection systems now interfaced directly to the mines power reticulation system, we know availability is key to a successful and safe operation.

As a designer and manufacturer of both site wide gas detection systems and the power reticulation systems they are interfaced with, Ampcontrol is uniquely positioned to ensure successful integration and operation of these systems.

Ampcontrol’s gas detection systems include our highly reliable, market adopted Gasguard, gas detection, and Dieselguard, diesel machine monitoring, products which are designed specifically for underground applications. These gas detectors and accessories have been used around the world and provide reliable gas detection in hazardous environments.

Industrial Gas Detection

Austech, a Member of the Ampcontrol Group, is a full lifecycle solution provider of gas, flame and environmental monitoring instruments and systems.

They bring together market leading gas detection instrumentation with specialist engineering capabilities to deliver fully customised, fit for purpose systems.

From universities to medical laboratories, through to commercial car parks and hazardous environments, Austech can design a gas detection solution that is cost effective and compliant to relevant standards. They also provide whole of life gas detection system management with regular maintenance to ensure continued operational performance.

Industrial Internet of Things

What is the Industrial Internet of Things?

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the connection of physical sources including machines, sensors and inputs with the digital world and turning the data captured into operational insights.

Industrial data is growing twice as fast as any other sector and has the potential to drive increased levels of productivity, safety and business impact. However currently less than 3% of that data is used in a meaningful way.

With an estimated 50 billion industrial assets to be connected to the internet by 2020 it’s the steps you take now that will ensure you implement a solution that will enable the growth you need simply and cost effectively.

As an equipment OEM and manufacturer, Ampcontrol understand the value of data to make improvements in productivity, efficiency and safety.  As innovators we understand that technology needs to meet your operational needs but also, be in step with the market. That’s why we’ve developed Ampcontrol AWARE.

What is Ampcontrol AWARE IIoT?

The IIoT solution that connects your physical world with the digital one transforming operational data into actionable insights. 

Our flexible, scalable and cost effective Ampcontrol AWARE IIoT solution provides the information you need to drive informed operational decisions.

By using a highly available and secure IIoT network, Ampcontrol AWARE distributes data for processing and action using open and secure protocols. With simple visualisation software available on any internet enabled device Ampcontrol AWARE delivers data with complete freedom, portability and no ongoing licence fees.

Through a combination of edge, fog and cloud computing, decisions can be automated enabling on the spot response to situations.

Modules with plug and play functionality ensure simple and safe installation and worry free maintenance. The ruggedised IP65 and IP67 design ensures it is fit for industrial applications without the need for additional housings or enclosures.

At every point Ampcontrol AWARE is the IIoT solution that reduces complexity while providing the flexibility you need for any monitoring and control application – find out more.

Flexibility Without Complexity

Ampcontrol AWARE is a flexible IIoT system that provides simple access to valuable data, irrespective of location, number of monitoring points or application without the complexity and cost associated with traditional PLC/RTU/SCADA methodology – compare Ampcontrol AWARE IIoT with Telemetry here.

Ampcontrol AWARE IIoT In Action

Ampcontrol AWARE is an IIoT solution that simplifies installation, reduces the number of components and shortens the installation and commissioning time to provide significant cost savings in sewer pumping station applications – find out more

Water Quality Monitoring

The use of automated real time continuous water quality monitoring solutions assist in proactively safeguarding water systems, identifying potentially dangerous situations and environmental episodes and ensuring nothing slips through undetected.

We provide water quality monitoring solutions with our partner, water quality monitoring equipment manufacturer, Adasa. We take Adasa’s leading water quality monitoring equipment and combine it with our proven capabilities in design, implementation and service of major control systems, communications and monitoring equipment and applications software to offer a full water quality monitoring and control solution.

We understand the needs of water and wastewater applications and offer complete lifecycle water quality monitoring services from consultation and design, to manufacturing, to auditing and reporting.

Conveyor Monitoring and Control Systems

Ampcontrol has a solid history of supplying conveyor monitoring and control systems to some of the longest conveyors in Australia, with our award winning iMAC monitoring and control system being installed on conveyor belts measuring over 50km in length.

Our systems help you meet the challenges of maintaining safety while maximising productivity on underground and overland conveyors. Each iMAC conveyor installation is customised to the unique requirements of a site and includes features such as emergency stop (E-stop), remote isolation, prestart warning, intercom and broadcast messaging functionality.

Complex conveyor systems are easily controlled using the iMAC’s remote I/O modules, so that high integrity E-stop and remote isolation may be undertaken even with multiple drive locations.

The system is designed to minimise conveyor downtime and streamline work processes, even when the interlocking is complicated. Advanced self-diagnostics assist in maximising conveyor equipment availability.