Industrial Internet of Things

What is the Industrial Internet of Things?

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the connection of physical sources including machines, sensors and inputs with the digital world and turning the data captured into operational insights.

Industrial data is growing twice as fast as any other sector and has the potential to drive increased levels of productivity, safety and business impact. However currently less than 3% of that data is used in a meaningful way.

With an estimated 50 billion industrial assets to be connected to the internet by 2020 it’s the steps you take now that will ensure you implement a solution that will enable the growth you need simply and cost effectively.

As an equipment OEM and manufacturer, Ampcontrol understand the value of data to make improvements in productivity, efficiency and safety.  As innovators we understand that technology needs to meet your operational needs but also, be in step with the market. That’s why we’ve developed Ampcontrol AWARE.

What is Ampcontrol AWARE IIoT?

The IIoT solution that connects your physical world with the digital one transforming operational data into actionable insights. 

Our flexible, scalable and cost effective Ampcontrol AWARE IIoT solution provides the information you need to drive informed operational decisions.

By using a highly available and secure IIoT network, Ampcontrol AWARE distributes data for processing and action using open and secure protocols. With simple visualisation software available on any internet enabled device Ampcontrol AWARE delivers data with complete freedom, portability and no ongoing licence fees.

Through a combination of edge, fog and cloud computing, decisions can be automated enabling on the spot response to situations.

Modules with plug and play functionality ensure simple and safe installation and worry free maintenance. The ruggedised IP65 and IP67 design ensures it is fit for industrial applications without the need for additional housings or enclosures.

At every point Ampcontrol AWARE is the IIoT solution that reduces complexity while providing the flexibility you need for any monitoring and control application – find out more.

Flexibility Without Complexity

Ampcontrol AWARE is a flexible IIoT system that provides simple access to valuable data, irrespective of location, number of monitoring points or application without the complexity and cost associated with traditional PLC/RTU/SCADA methodology – compare Ampcontrol AWARE IIoT with Telemetry here.

Ampcontrol AWARE IIoT In Action

Ampcontrol AWARE is an IIoT solution that simplifies installation, reduces the number of components and shortens the installation and commissioning time to provide significant cost savings in sewer pumping station applications – find out more

Automation and System Integration

We are committed to helping customers achieve a more efficient outcome by integrating systems through automation, process control, information technology and software solutions.

Our complete and comprehensive automation and process control solutions for site or machine automation, batching systems and continuous process control cover a single piece of equipment to complete control of your site.

We take an holistic approach which provides you with an efficient and responsive design that drives improvements in productivity, efficiency, safety and business agility. As well as supporting greenfield applications, we understand that many sites are working with existing infrastructure and are committed to providing you with the best solution to fit your existing equipment, needs and budget.

From big to small operations in mining, industrial, water, oil and gas, utilities and food processing we understand your challenges and can provide you with the expertise and tools you need to drive your operation forward.

To support our systems in the field we are committed to after sales service that optimises asset performance. Our service and support agreements are tailored to meet individual site needs and ensure ongoing productivity and system agility.


Data analysis and the integration of data into system processes is fundamental to improving operational efficiency and improving safety. Software provides the means of analysing and actioning the quantity of data that arises from modern industrial processes.

Ampcontrol provides a comprehensive suite of MES and software solutions to meet the high demands of industrial information management, reporting and decision support systems.

We combine our in-house software development capability with leading technology applications to ensure that our solutions not only meet your business requirements but also deliver value to your bottom line.

Communications Systems

Robust, reliable communication systems are vital for safe operation, and data management in industrial applications.

Ampcontrol have decades of experience designing integrated communication systems for a range of applications including underground mines, tunnels and other industrial applications.

We know how to effectively bring together disparate communication devices into a single system that’s robust and contains safeguards to ensure vital communication during both day to day operations and emergency situations.


Industrial applications are looking beyond the locational challenges of networking and increasingly embracing the wealth of reliable data that can help ensure reliability, maximisation of resources and improved efficiency.

At Ampcontrol, we understand the unique system challenges of industrial networks particularly those underground, which include moving equipment and communication devices spread across a wide area, which are often in hazardous or hard to access locations.

Our specialist engineers are experts in industrial network assessments, design and implementation in a range of industrial applications including underground mines, tunnels, industrial plants, food and beverage plants, water and wastewater and oil and gas applications.

To support our network engineering services we’ve developed H3RO, a flexible reticulated fibre optic distribution network for harsh industrial applications. This robust, cost effective and portable system has changed the way optical fibre is used in industrial applications such as coal and hard rock mining.

H3RO features plug and play functionality with pre-terminated cables, making it simple to install without the need for specialist fibre optic splicing skills, reducing downtime and enhancing portability. Find out more.