Case Study: Containerised Off-Grid Water Treatment Solution

Ampcontrol and project partner, Aurecon, have designed an innovative water treatment plant with standalone hybrid power supply utilising a combination of photovoltaic power generation, diesel backup and battery storage. Designed to meet the demanding environmental conditions of isolated communities and locations, this solution represents a scalable and economic answer to effective remote water treatment.

Case Study – Water Reclamation

The real time monitoring of the disinfection process is a key element for guaranteeing a safe use of reclaimed water. Thanks to the laboratory analysis we validate the correct operation of our water reclamation plants. However, daily safety is provided by the online measurement systems, which ensure us an optimal and reliable operation.

Adasa aquaReg

aquaReg is an irrigation water monitoring unit prepared for automating and controlling hydrants in an irrigation system. It incorporates a solid GSM/GPRS communications system that ensures maximum coverage and minimizes the costs of transmitting guidelines and commands from the control centre.

Adasa aquaScout

aquaScout is the best solution for tracking water quality, enabling multiple and simple changes of location in the medium thanks to its floating structure. aquaScout is the ideal equipment for undertaking campaigns for water quality tracking or waste control in rivers and lakes. It can operate as an individual unit or as several units in a network.

Adasa aquaSub

aquaSub is an online datalogger for groundwater applications compatible with the market-leading probes. It stands out for the easy integration with standard acquisition systems and other data management systems. aquaSub is provided with integrated 3G wireless connectivity, Modbus over IP protocol and an OPC Server that makes easier its integration with commercial SCADA software.

Adasa aquaTest-MO

aquaTest-MO automatically makes continuous measurements of physical-chemical and organic matter parameters, integrating the measurement of these parameters into one single unit.

Adasa Automatic Station

Adasa automatic stations provide a comprehensive solution to the needs for water quality monitoring. Being designed to continuous and automatic operation, they provide real time information on the quality of different types of water bodies (freshwaters, dammed waters, seawaters and wastewaters).

Adasa DBO

The BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) is a measurement that aims to give the amount of organic material that can be broken down by micro-organisms. It is a widely-used parameter, which can be applied to all water types, especially sewage and purification processes.


The EACAR station is a real-time quality monitoring system for wastewater treatment plants effluent that provides valuable information when compared to conventional periodic sampling control.

Adasa aquaBio

aquaBio is especially designed for determining the total Escherichia coli and coliforms in water, which makes it an optimum tool for water monitoring according to its use.