Case Study – Containerised Substation UK Resources Tunnelling Project

Ampcontrol have been contracted as the sole supplier for a large resources tunnelling project and are set to deliver a range of equipment, cable and maintenance services throughout the construction phase of the project.

Designed to supply power to tunnel surface operations including a welding factory, the containerised substation developed by Ampcontrol will act as the main distribution system on-site.

User Manual – Rockstarter

Ampcontrol’s Rockstarter is a multifunction, multi-voltage outlet starter designed for use in underground hard rock mining. It is also suitable for use in tunnelling and other industrial applications. The Rockstarter controls a single power outlet, rated up to 250A/1000V, incorporating an integrally designed circuit breaker, contactor and protection electronics, all into a single robust unit. The starter provides all standard outlet protection functions as well as selectable pump and fan operating modes and Ampcontrol’s wireless Outlet Test System. An industrial rated, user friendly touch screen display allows for configuration, control and monitoring of the outlet.

Compact Substation

Ampcontrol’s compact substations are a space, time and cost effective alternative to constructing a concrete, brick and mortar substation for power distribution in the tunnelling and mining industries. Ampcontrol’s custom designed and built compact substations are engineered to address space constraints, allow ease of relocation and are approved for shipping transport.

Containerised Substations

Ampcontrol’s containerised substation is a time and cost efficient alternative to constructing a concrete, bricks and mortar substation for power distribution applications. Our custom designed and built containerised substations are engineered to address space constraints, allow ease of relocation and are approved for shipping transport.

Modular Substations

Customised footprint design for switchroom, switchyard and transformer installations. Ampcontrol’s modular substations are a proven and viable alternative to building concrete, brick and mortar substations. The modular design suits applications such as zone and radial substations. These modular substations are designed, manufactured, assembled, wired and operationally tested in our workshop before being shipped as a packaged system ready for assembly on site.

Power Transformers

We specialise in high, medium and low voltage power transformers for transmission and distribution substations, industrial and commercial supply networks, above ground mine site systems and transportable substations.

Transportable Substations and Transformers

Ampcontrol’s trailer-mounted transportable substations and transformers are a rapid response flexible power distribution solution designed for the utilities sector.