50MVA transformer

As part of the project Ampcontrol designed, manufactured and tested a 40/50MVA 132/11kV transformer, with a final fully assembled weight of 85 Tonnes. The transformer was fully tested in house in Ampcontrol’s transformer facility.


Ampcontrol’s high specification, custom designed transformers are known for their quality and durability.

Our designs cover dry and oil type transformers for electrical distribution substations, power generation, voltage regulation, mining, traction and refining applications as well as retrofits and OEM replacement.

Not just a manufacturer, we also add value through our solutions based approach to specialised projects. With our broad capabilities and product ranges, we are uniquely positioned to integrate power and distribution transformers with other Ampcontrol products and capabilities including fixed, modular, relocatable and transportable substations, switchrooms and switchyards, as well as third party products to deliver complete power infrastructure requirements.

We also offer a range of field, workshop and laboratory services that support high voltage assets.

High Voltage Services

Ampcontrol is committed to supporting our customers in maintaining and managing the safe operation of their high voltage infrastructure. From high voltage compliance audits and safety management plans to repairs, maintenance, upgrades and testing, we’ve got the accreditations and experience to ensure safe and optimal operation of your electrical assets.High Voltage Services

Remote Transformer Condition Auditing and Diagnostic Support

Transformers generate vast amounts of test, inspection and maintenance related data during their operational lifecycle. Ampcontrol transformer experts can audit this data and consolidate it into an assessment that will describe the transformer condition including failure risk. Our team of skilled experts can not only diagnose issues identified in the condition audit, but also work with you to put a repair plan in place.

Case Study – Containerised Substation UK Resources Tunnelling Project

Ampcontrol have been contracted as the sole supplier for a large resources tunnelling project and are set to deliver a range of equipment, cable and maintenance services throughout the construction phase of the project.

Designed to supply power to tunnel surface operations including a welding factory, the containerised substation developed by Ampcontrol will act as the main distribution system on-site.

Case Study – Hire Stock and Fast Action Ensures Minimal Downtime

During routine high voltage maintenance at a surface mine in western NSW, conducted by Ampcontrol’s High Voltage Service team, a transformer failed testing and required inspection and overhaul. To ensure the mine experienced minimal downtime, the on-site team placed a call to our Tomago base to see if a suitable hire replacement was available.

Case Study – Sugar Mill Transformer Maintenance Services

The customer approached Ampcontrol after raising concerns about the condition of a transformer located at one of their sugar mill processing plants. Recent oil analysis results indicated occurrence of a serious T3 Thermal Fault – high temperature heating (> 700°C).

SDMyers Course Overview Newcastle 2019

This course focuses on maintenance of the insulating system in fluid-filled transformers. It provides a foundation for intelligent transformer management from the basic design and construction to life expectancy and extension.

SDMyers Course Mackay 2019

Ampcontrol in conjunction with SDMyers continue to lead the way with industry-recognized transformer maintenance and reliability training.