Whitepaper – The ROI of Power Factor Correction

A comparative analysis of power factor correction with upgrading or installing new equipment. Present issues surrounding escalating production costs, energy efficiency and a growing trend of electricity supply companies introducing kVA- based maximum demand charges are driving mining companies to re-think how they optimise their electricity supply and distribution infrastructure.

Power Factor Correction Systems (PFC)

Ampcontrol’s power factor correction (PFC) systems are customised units designed for industrial and commercial applications. Our power factor correction systems offer customers the best solution for improving energy efficiency and reducing costs in their business.

Power Quality Audit

Ampcontrol’s power quality (PQ) audit services offers customers a health check on the quality of their electrical network. A PQ audit can help determine the causes of electrical problems and provide a well-designed plan to correct them. Ampcontrol’s PQ audit services enable energy users to gain an insight into the stability of their electrical network in terms of power quality.

Design, Auditing, Testing and Analysis

Protection system analysis, HV condition and compliance audits and reporting, Earth grid testing, Power quality, harmonic and energy analysis, Fibre network testing. Ampcontrol’s highly qualified, certified and skilled engineering teams provide a comprehensive range of testing, analysis, auditing and reporting for customers to ensure their operations are compliant and working at optimal levels.

Harmonic and Energy Analysis

Ampcontrol’s experienced engineers carry out measurement and analysis of power quality problems including harmonics, sags, surges and transients which may cause incorrect operation or failure of equipment. We have the capability to monitor multiple points of the electrical system to build up a complete picture of your network.

Modular MV Power Factor Correction Systems

Ampcontrol’s modular medium voltage PFC system and capacitor bank solutions are suitable for all energy intensive applications and environments including surface and underground mining, industrial operations and distribution utility networks.

Underground MV Power Factor Correction Systems

Application of power factor correction (PFC) devices compensate for some electrical network problems characteristic of mining operations.
Ampcontrol’s mobile MV PFC underground systems are field proven in Australia’s mining industry and are designed and manufactured to suit arduous conditions in underground mining applications.