Whitepaper – What is a Neutral Earthing Resistor

A widely utilised approach to managing fault currents is the installation of neutral earthing resistors (NERs). NERs, sometimes called Neutral Grounding Resistors, are used in an AC distribution networks to limit transient overvoltages that flow through the neutral point of a transformer or generator to a safe value during a fault event.

Design, Auditing, Testing and Analysis

Protection system analysis, HV condition and compliance audits and reporting, Earth grid testing, Power quality, harmonic and energy analysis, Fibre network testing. Ampcontrol’s highly qualified, certified and skilled engineering teams provide a comprehensive range of testing, analysis, auditing and reporting for customers to ensure their operations are compliant and working at optimal levels.

Neutral Earthing Resistor (NER)

Ampcontrol’s neutral earthing resistors (NERs) protect vital equipment such as switchgear, generators and transformers from damage in the event of faults in AC distribution systems.