Application Note – Explosive Hazards Linked to Flammable Aerosols and Liquids

The use of flammable aerosols or liquids should be risk assessed before use to reduce the likelihood of an explosive hazard being generated. While some flammable gasses do not readily achieve a combustible mixture, others can be extremely combustible. This makes the classification of exposure difficult and judgement of acceptability should be made on a per case basis or identified in the site’s risk assessment.

User Manual – Gasguard 2 Communications

The GG2 Display Module is an intrinsically safe apparatus for the purpose of displaying and transmitting sensor data and system information. The GG2 Display consists of a certified GG2 Display Module and associated wiring installed within an IP66 rated stainless steel enclosure. This document details the Modus and iMAC communication protocols.

Case Study – Indian Mine Expansion – Onsite Commissioning and Training

Contacted by long standing customer GCPL, Ampcontrol supplied a 10 drive AUK5000 (AW2000) Power Centre to the PVK-5 coal mine in India. Additional equipment also included a 4 drive AUK1000 550V Motor Starter and onsite support including surface commissioning and training with Ampcontrol’s Indian Service Engineering team.

Technical Data Sheet – iMAC SLB

The iMAC Slave Line Barrier (SLB) permits connection of non-intrinsically safe modules to an intrinsically safe iMAC fieldbus. The SLB barrier achieves this by accepting an intrinsically safe iMAC fieldbus connection at its L1 (input) terminals and creating a synchronised re-generated isolated non-intrinsically safe iMAC fieldbus at its L2 terminals (output).

Technical Data Sheet – iMAC MLB

The iMAC System has been approved as Intrinsically Safe for use in Group I mining applications. The iMAC Master Line Barrier (MLB) facilitates this by limiting the amount of power that can be transmitted into a hazardous area.

Remote Transformer Condition Auditing and Diagnostic Support

Transformers generate vast amounts of test, inspection and maintenance related data during their operational lifecycle. Ampcontrol transformer experts can audit this data and consolidate it into an assessment that will describe the transformer condition including failure risk. Our team of skilled experts can not only diagnose issues identified in the condition audit, but also work with you to put a repair plan in place.

Case Study: Moranbah North Coal Mine Lighting Enclosure

Moranbah North Coal Mine is situated in the Bowen Basin at Moranbah in Central Queensland. Ampcontrol designed and manufactured a fit for purpose flameproof 11kV to 110V lighting enclosure to facilitate extra lighting along with 110V circuit connections for the site.

Case Study – Containerised Substation UK Resources Tunnelling Project

Ampcontrol have been contracted as the sole supplier for a large resources tunnelling project and are set to deliver a range of equipment, cable and maintenance services throughout the construction phase of the project.

Designed to supply power to tunnel surface operations including a welding factory, the containerised substation developed by Ampcontrol will act as the main distribution system on-site.

Case Study – Hire Stock and Fast Action Ensures Minimal Downtime

During routine high voltage maintenance at a surface mine in western NSW, conducted by Ampcontrol’s High Voltage Service team, a transformer failed testing and required inspection and overhaul. To ensure the mine experienced minimal downtime, the on-site team placed a call to our Tomago base to see if a suitable hire replacement was available.