Technical Data Sheet – Gasguard CH4 Sensor (ATEX)

Ampcontrol’s Gasguard Flammable Gas Sensor/Transmitter (ATEX) is supplied complete with an amplifier and a Liquid Crystal Display. The Gas sensor is housed in a cast stainless steel enclosure, has been approved to be intrinsically safe and is suitable for use in a Zone 0 hazardous area. A remote head version with up to ten metres of cable is also available for use on mobile machinery such as roof bolters and continuous miners.

Coal Mining Solutions

For nearly 50 years Ampcontrol has designed, manufactured and delivered integrated electrical solutions that improve safety, maintain efficient coal mining operations and meet stringent regulatory requirements. From our humble beginnings to being recognised as an industry leader in electrical solutions, we have consistently ensured our products meet the expectations of our customers in terms of safety, performance, quality, technical excellence, reliability, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Asset Management Solutions

Engaging Ampcontrol as your asset management partner means continuity of technical support from the OEM and a commitment to making sure the equipment runs as it is supposed to, doesn’t breakdown, and is statutory compliant. We know the operational value of what we design and manufacture which is why we are focused on optimising the equipment you have invested in and ensuring operational availability.

Burn Brite – Series 500 LED Flameproof Headlight

For Underground Mining & Hazardous Areas. Suitable for use on all diesel vehicles, electrically powered machinery and lighting in hazardous areas. Incorporating four high power LEDs and designed for maximum lamp life, the light provides a low power robust alternative.

Whitepaper – Current Trends in Data Reporting

Current worldwide trends in mining are focused on improving operational efficiency and reducing costs. The industry is looking to technology and operational data to help keep costs down and maximise the return from existing investments. By providing visibility of relevant reporting data, operations can identify and remove inefficiencies, track productivity levels, streamline processes and optimise resources based on real time conditions.

Case Study – Longwall Support

As longwall electrical OEMs, Ampcontrol know the operational value of what we design and manufacture, which is why we are committed to providing ongoing onsite support to assist our customers achieve the highest availability of longwall installations. Our onsite service team has been providing regular longwall support to Whitehaven’s Narrabri mine since installation of their Ampcontrol longwall package in 2012.

Capability Statement – Underground Mining

We are proud that our team has led the way and created innovative solutions such as the world’s first 11kV AFC longwall system, Intrinsically Safe LED lighting, the first integrated protection relay for mining and wide bandwidth earth leakage relays to protect and understand your electrical system.

11kV/3.3kV Longwall Substations

Ampcontrol’s Longwall Substations can include up to 10 outlets and are offered in both flameproof and ingress protected (IP66) enclosures, built to customer specifications. Ampcontrol design and manufacture a range of underground substations up to 7.5MVA and customises each to meet the applications required. Longwall Substations are typically 11kV/3.3kV up to 7.5MVA and have been manufactured in either flameproof or ingress protected (IP66) variations.

Auxiliary Ventilation Fan

ATF manufacture both flameproof and non-flameproof electrical systems for auxiliary ventilation fans. ATF can also perform complete overhauls of fans, including electrical and mechanical aspects. ATF have over 25 years experience with various fan manufacturers.

DCL3 Dinter Cutter Loader

The DCL3 Dinter Cutter Loader is a track mounted, boom type general purpose machine designed to carry out mechanised preparatory excavation and roadway repair work. ATF is working with a UK company to offer this machine to the Australian mining market.