Technical Data Sheet – iMAC Digital Output Module D04

The iMAC DO4 module is an Intrinsically Safe (Ex ia I Ma) Digital Output module that provides four (4) general purpose relay outputs.

The relay outputs can be operated directly from the iMAC controller or by programming an input module such as a DI4 module to the same address as the DO4 module, in which case each relay output will respond to the respective input of the DI4 input module. Multiple DO4 modules can be programmed to the same address, allowing distributed simultaneous control in multiple locations.

Declaration of Conformity – iMAC Controller

In May 2018, the iMAC / iMAC2 Controller operating system firmware was modified to extend the iMAC Module Serial Number range. These changes occurred in iMAC Controller Operating System Firmware v4.0 (O.S. v4.0). Marcus Punch Pty Ltd was engaged to perform a safety integrity verification of these changes. iMAC2 report AMP-15-01-A1 Revision 3 (including Revisions 4 & 5) and iMAC report AMP-11-05-A2 Revision 2 (including Revisions 3 & 4) assessed these changes to be in compliance with the requirements pertaining to software modification and as a result the existing safety metrics (PFD and PFH) for the iMAC Controller, iMAC2 Controller, 2-wire and 3-wire iMAC systems remain unchanged.

User Manual – iMAC Module Programming Procedure

iMAC Modules typically need to be programmed (configured) when connected to the iMAC L1 Fieldbus communication line. The iMAC Controller is used to program the modules. Each module (data register) must be programmed with an address and up to three other parameters. The parameters are used to control how a particular module behaves.

Technical Datasheet – iMAC LIM

The iMAC LIM is an Intrinsically Safe (Ex ia), highly configurable remote indication module, which interfaces directly to the iMAC Fieldbus.

Software – iTools

iTools is a Windows PC based utility which allows programming of iMAC Controllers Firmware and SLP code.

Minimum system requirements : MS Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (32 and 64 bit supported). Current version : v3.25

NOTE: The download size is ~90MB

Product News – iMAC R04 V2

Ampcontrol has released a revised version of the iMAC RO4 module to address component obsolescence issues with the existing module. The all new RO4 module is a completely re-developed module utilising Ampcontrol’s latest iMAC hardware and software platforms. The new RO4 V2 module supersedes and replaces all previous versions of the RO4 module (V0, V1).

Conveyor Remote Isolation System

Meet the challenges of maintaining safety while maximising productivity on underground and overland conveyors with Ampcontrol’s iMAC conveyor safety and remote isolation systems. With Ex ia certification for Group 1 explosive atmospheres and the ability to monitor distributed I/O over distances of up to 10km on a single cable run, the iMAC Conveyor safety and remote isolation systems are suitable for use on both underground and overland conveyors.

Technical Data Sheet – iMAC RTD1

The iMAC-RTD1 Temperature Module is an intrinsically safe field module for monitoring temperature using a RTD PT100 temperature transducer. The supported RTD temperature measurement range is from -20°C to 300°C.

Technical Data Sheet – iMAC RO4 V1

The iMAC-RO4 V1 Output Module is designed to provide Relay output control when connected to an iMAC Communication System. When programmed to the same address as an Input Module the RO4 output relays will follow the respective input of the Input Module. The RO4 can also be controlled directly by the iMAC controller.