Hard Rock Mining Substation

Featuring a versatile and compact design, Ampcontrol’s 11kV/1050V substation is designed specifically for hard rock mining applications. The substation design is compliant with AS4871, AS2007 and relevant mining regulations with AS2081 compliant protection relays providing you with a safe reliable solution.

HV Engineering and Compliance Services

Owners of high voltage installations have a responsibility to ensure the safe operation of their electrical infrastructure. Regular inspections prolong the life of equipment while correct operating procedures and documentation ensure a safe working environment. Services include: High Voltage Compliance Audit, HV Installation Safety Management Plan (HV-ISMP).

HV Installations, Repairs, Maintenance and Upgrades

Ampcontrol’s service team can provide 24/7 onsite support for high voltage installations, maintenance, repairs and upgrades. This service is delivered by our fully qualified High Voltage service
group, backed by a team of electrical engineers who have the experience and expertise to ensure safe, compliant and on time completion of your high voltage infrastructure maintenance and project activities.

Modular Electrical Switchrooms

Ampcontrol’s modular electrical switchrooms are custom built to suit any industrial, mining and utility power distribution applications.
Ampcontrol have supplied modular switchrooms to every industry and environment in Australia including open cut mines, network substations, infrastructure projects and processing operations.

Modular Substations

Customised footprint design for switchroom, switchyard and transformer installations. Ampcontrol’s modular substations are a proven and viable alternative to building concrete, brick and mortar substations. The modular design suits applications such as zone and radial substations. These modular substations are designed, manufactured, assembled, wired and operationally tested in our workshop before being shipped as a packaged system ready for assembly on site.

On-site Testing Service

Our qualified electrical technicians provide 24/7 onsite support and have access to in house engineers who can provide assistance for complex protection schemes. Our services include: Protection relay testing, calibration and repair, Transformer oil samples and testing, Cable testing and fault locating, Specialist electrical testing.

Outlet Test System (OTS)

Ampcontrol’s OTS is a fully automated, comprehensive outlet testing facility that eliminates paper-based record keeping.
Designed specifically for the hard rock mining industry, the OTS tests and validates the positive operation of the protection functions outlined in AS/NZS2081 and clearance times for earth leakage protection.

Overhauls and Upgrades

Overhauls and upgrades provide a cost and time effective alternative to capital expenditure on new equipment. We are capable of overhauling and upgrading high voltage flameproof and non-flameproof electrical and electronic equipment, for both underground and surface environments.

Power Transformers

We specialise in high, medium and low voltage power transformers for transmission and distribution substations, industrial and commercial supply networks, above ground mine site systems and transportable substations.

Remote Operated Cable Reeler Trucks

Ampcontrol’s cable reeler trucks have been designed with safety and functionality in mind. The use of remote control ensures that personnel operate the cable reeler from a safe distance, substantially reducing the risk of harm resulting from manual cable handling or uncontrolled cable movements.