Case Study – H3RO Underground Coal

Ampcontrol were asked to include network connectivity as part of the supply of high voltage, electrical hardware to the underground mine. The mine required easy to deploy fibre optic hardware, for integration with new and existing equipment including third party equipment and patch panels. Utilising H3RO, Ampcontrol’s harsh environment reticulated fibre optic solution, monitoring and  control of underground equipment was achieved by connecting from an existing FOBOT patch panel throughout the mine.

Case Study – H3RO Underground Hard Rock

Ampcontrol was engaged by an underground gold and copper mine in Western NSW, to provide fibre optics quickly after an existing communications cable was severed. Ampcontrol’s H3RO, harsh environment reticulated fibre optic solution, was deployed from an existing FOBOT panel for a distance over 1km along the roof, through a number of vertical drops and into another existing FOBOT enclosure.

Case Study – H3RO in an Underground Copper Mine

Ampcontrol was engaged by an underground copper mine to provide fibre optics to new underground automated mining equipment. Ampcontrol’s H3RO; harsh environment reticulated fibre optic solution, was deployed from the telecommunications hut on the surface, down a catenary wire through the existing open cut mine and into the new underground mine.

Case Study – H3RO Singapore Tunnelling Project

Tunnelling applications require repeatable patterns of emergency call points every 100m, these call points need to be installed as the tunnel borer progresses while maintaining reliable communications. Ampcontrol deployed H3RO, our harsh environment reticulated optic solution which reduces network complexity and offers plug and play functionality with off the shelf components which do not require fibre specialists to install.

Catalogue – H3RO Harsh Environment Reticulated Optics

With fibre optics becoming the absolute foundation of all industrial networking and cabled communications infrastructure, we’ve made things easier with H3RO – Harsh Environment Reticulated Optics. By using a combination of 12 and 4 core optical cables and H3RO Bots, a relatively limitless number of industrial Ethernet application scenarios can be achieved with this simple modular system.

Technical Data Sheet – H3RO Cable

The H3RO (Harsh Environment Reticulated Optic Solution) utilises robust H3RO fibre optic cables, linked to integral modular plug and play components. H3RO fibre optic cables are supplied pre-terminated and are available in a variety of lengths with SC, LC, and ST terminations supported.

Technical Data Sheet – H3RO Bot

The H3RO BOT (Break-Out Terminal) is a component of the H3RO industrial network solution for flexible Optical Distribution Network (ODN) applications. The nine BOT (Break-Out Terminal) variants in the H3RO range allow for various fibre deviations to be performed without the need for specialist on-site fibre optic technicians, significantly reducing downtime in the event of a fault.

Case Study – Underground Networking

Challenged with a dynamic mining environment and lack of qualified in-house fibre optic and network personnel, an underground coal mine in Queensland employed Ampcontrol’s specialist network capability in conjunction with the H3RO (Harsh Environment Reticulated Optics) system to simplify their underground communication network.

H3RO – Harsh Environment Reticulated Optics

H3RO (pronounced hero) provides reliable, available, scalable and cost effective cabled communications.
H3RO Ethernet is a flexible Optical Distribution Network (ODN) solution for industrial network applications. The system is designed to implement various redundant topologies to reduce network islands, improving reliability and performance.