Technical Datasheet – Pull Wire Support

The Ampcontrol Pull Wire Supports are high quality E/Stop lanyard supports intended for use in overland bulk material conveyors and underground hard rock/coal mine conveyors. The Pull Wire supports are constructed from a flame retardant polymer compound, providing superior impact strength, rigidity and UV stability. The material is non-corrosive and low friction and complies with IECEx 60079.0:2012 anti-static requirements.

User Manual – Outlet Test System (OTS)

The Ampcontrol Outlet Test System (OTS) and Outlet Test System – Earth Leakage (OTS-EL) provide a fully automated testing facility. The OTS completely eliminates paper-based record keeping by concurrently updating a historical database with the latest test data. The OTS (or OTS-EL) is comprised of an OTS module, embedded within the outlet electrics, and an OTS Comms Module, mounted on the door to provide Bluetooth connectivity to the Tester. The full OTS module will test the outlet’s earth leakage, earth continuity, earth fault lockout and frozen contactor protection functions while the OTS-EL version will limit testing to earth leakage protection only.

All tests, for both the OTS and OTS-EL, are initiated wirelessly via the OTS Application Software, which is installed on compatible Bluetooth enabled devices. Each outlet is able to be individually targeted to prevent incorrect outlet testing. The test record for each outlet is managed within the OTS Application Software, with all records automatically uploaded to cloud storage when the tablet gains network access. All test records for any OTS equipped outlet on a site can be accessed by anyone with internet access, user ID and password.

User Manual – Rockstarter

Ampcontrol’s Rockstarter is a multifunction, multi-voltage outlet starter designed for use in underground hard rock mining. It is also suitable for use in tunnelling and other industrial applications. The Rockstarter controls a single power outlet, rated up to 250A/1000V, incorporating an integrally designed circuit breaker, contactor and protection electronics, all into a single robust unit. The starter provides all standard outlet protection functions as well as selectable pump and fan operating modes and Ampcontrol’s wireless Outlet Test System. An industrial rated, user friendly touch screen display allows for configuration, control and monitoring of the outlet.

Technical Datasheet – Rockstarter

Ampcontrol’s Rockstarter is a multifunction, multi-voltage starter designed for use in underground hard rock mining, tunnelling and other industrial applications.

Brochure – Rockstarter

Ampcontrol’s Rockstarter is a multifunction outlet starter designed for use in underground hard rock mining. It is also suitable for use in tunnelling and other industrial applications.

Compared to traditional starters that have been custom engineered, designed and built for particular applications, the Ampcontrol Rockstarter has a completely integrated approach to provide a more versatile and commoditised solution for your operation.


Catalogue – Hard Rock Mining

Hard rock mining specific power distribution, surface power equipement, conveyor solutions, cable management, fibre optics, field services and testing.

Catalogue – Hard Rock Mining Relays

In an industry where safety is paramount, Ampcontrol has a proven track record of delivering products to suit the unique system challenges and hazards of hard rock mining applications. Our comprehensive and cost effective range of electrical protection relays ensure safe and stable electrical systems.

Asset Management Solutions

Engaging Ampcontrol as your asset management partner means continuity of technical support from the OEM and a commitment to making sure the equipment runs as it is supposed to, doesn’t breakdown, and is statutory compliant. We know the operational value of what we design and manufacture which is why we are focused on optimising the equipment you have invested in and ensuring operational availability.

Relocatable Substations

Ampcontrol’s relocatable substations are field proven power distribution solutions designed for use on mine sites, utility networks and in industrial environments. Designed for flexibility of application, our relocatable substations are suitable for powering heavy plant and machinery including draglines, shovels and drills in coal, metalliferous and sand mining operations.

User Manual – PF1 Relay

The Ampcontrol PF1 is a multi-functional Relay designed for hard rock mining applications. It has the ability to perform two standard protection functions which are compliant to AS/NZS2081:2011 for Earth Leakage and Earth Continuity. In addition to these protection functions, the PF1 also provides selectable control functionality for Pump or Fan motor installations.