Application Note – Explosive Hazards Linked to Flammable Aerosols and Liquids

The use of flammable aerosols or liquids should be risk assessed before use to reduce the likelihood of an explosive hazard being generated. While some flammable gasses do not readily achieve a combustible mixture, others can be extremely combustible. This makes the classification of exposure difficult and judgement of acceptability should be made on a per case basis or identified in the site’s risk assessment.

Technical Datasheet – iMAC LIM

The iMAC LIM is an Intrinsically Safe (Ex ia), highly configurable remote indication module, which interfaces directly to the iMAC Fieldbus.

Coal Mining Solutions

As an industry leader in electrical, electronic and control solutions, we consistently ensure our products and services meet the expectations of our coal mining customers in terms of safety, technical excellence and reliability.

Arc Fault Mitigation

Ampcontrol’s arc venting solution protects the mechanical integrity of an electrical enclosure by incorporating sacrificial panels to prevent enclosure pressurisation and subsequent failure. While simple in principle, testing has demonstrated that rapid vent activity is critical to function. When matched to an enclosure’s mechanical strength and the nominated fault current levels the new vent design is a significant advancement in venting technology.

Burn Brite Ex ia IS Power Supply (ISPS Mk2)

Ampcontrol’s new Burn Brite Ex ia Intrinsically Safe Power Supply (ISPS MK2) fully isolates electrical input and output voltages for Ex zone 0, 1 and 2 applications such as coal mining Group I. The power supply is used for the safe operation of certified field devices, such as roof support controllers, lights and sensors in hazardous areas.

Control Station Beacons

Ampcontrol’s ATEX certified control station beacons integrate with protection systems to provide visual alarm indicators in petrochemical, Group II and oil and gas environments. Ampcontrol’s range of Ex d flameproof control station beacons work with hazardous area protection systems to provide a high intensity visual indicator of an alarm condition. The advanced design features low energy draw lamp types and durable construction materials making them ideal for oil rigs, refineries and process plants.

Design, Auditing, Testing and Analysis

Protection system analysis, HV condition and compliance audits and reporting, Earth grid testing, Power quality, harmonic and energy analysis, Fibre network testing. Ampcontrol’s highly qualified, certified and skilled engineering teams provide a comprehensive range of testing, analysis, auditing and reporting for customers to ensure their operations are compliant and working at optimal levels.

Fibre Ethernet Gas Detection and Environmental Monitoring System

Ampcontrol’s Fibre Ethernet gas detection and environmental monitoring system is an easy-to-deploy, highly reliable, IECEx ia certified gas and air velocity monitoring system for Hazardous Areas. The system provides real-real time monitoring of gas levels and consists of two key components, customised sensor pans and a power distribution enclosure. The customised sensor pans include a Gasguard Controller and a combination of up to four Ampcontrol Gasguard sensors.

Flameproof Dry Type Transformers

Ampcontrol’s flameproof distribution transformers are dry type units designed for underground coal mining applications. Supplied as part of power centre packages our dry type transformers are designed and manufactured to ensure maximum reliability and minimum maintenance requirements.