Technical Data Sheet – Gasguard CH4 Sensor (ATEX)

Ampcontrol’s Gasguard Flammable Gas Sensor/Transmitter (ATEX) is supplied complete with an amplifier and a Liquid Crystal Display. The Gas sensor is housed in a cast stainless steel enclosure, has been approved to be intrinsically safe and is suitable for use in a Zone 0 hazardous area. A remote head version with up to ten metres of cable is also available for use on mobile machinery such as roof bolters and continuous miners.

User Manual – Outlet Test System Application (OTS)

The Ampcontrol Outlet Test System (OTS) and Outlet Test System – Earth Leakage (OTS-EL) provide a fully automated testing facility. The OTS completely eliminates paper-based record keeping by concurrently updating a historical database with the latest test data. The OTS (or OTS-EL) is comprised of an OTS module, embedded within the outlet electrics, and an OTS Comms Module, mounted on the door to provide Bluetooth connectivity to the Tester. The full OTS module will test the outlet’s earth leakage, earth continuity, earth fault lockout and frozen contactor protection functions while the OTS-EL version will limit testing to earth leakage protection only.

All tests, for both the OTS and OTS-EL, are initiated wirelessly via the OTS Application Software, which is installed on compatible Bluetooth enabled devices. Each outlet is able to be individually targeted to prevent incorrect outlet testing. The test record for each outlet is managed within the OTS Application Software, with all records automatically uploaded to cloud storage when the tablet gains network access. All test records for any OTS equipped outlet on a site can be accessed by anyone with internet access, user ID and password.

User Manual – iMAC2 Controller Modbus TCP-IP Communications

This document is intended to provide a detailed explanation of the communications protocols supported by the iMAC2 Controller’s Ethernet port. The iMAC2 Controller uses industry standard Modbus TCP/IP protocol for exchanging data with compatible Ethernet devices. The iMAC2 Controller facilitates a Modbus Slave (server) device. This document is not intended to provide information on the operation of the overall iMAC System, individual modules or instruction on programming the iMAC2 Controller or modules. Please refer the relevant supplementary documents for this information.

Declaration of Conformity – iMAC Controller

In May 2018, the iMAC / iMAC2 Controller operating system firmware was modified to extend the iMAC Module Serial Number range. These changes occurred in iMAC Controller Operating System Firmware v4.0 (O.S. v4.0). Marcus Punch Pty Ltd was engaged to perform a safety integrity verification of these changes. iMAC2 report AMP-15-01-A1 Revision 3 (including Revisions 4 & 5) and iMAC report AMP-11-05-A2 Revision 2 (including Revisions 3 & 4) assessed these changes to be in compliance with the requirements pertaining to software modification and as a result the existing safety metrics (PFD and PFH) for the iMAC Controller, iMAC2 Controller, 2-wire and 3-wire iMAC systems remain unchanged.

User Manual – Rockstarter

Ampcontrol’s Rockstarter is a multifunction, multi-voltage outlet starter designed for use in underground hard rock mining. It is also suitable for use in tunnelling and other industrial applications. The Rockstarter controls a single power outlet, rated up to 250A/1000V, incorporating an integrally designed circuit breaker, contactor and protection electronics, all into a single robust unit. The starter provides all standard outlet protection functions as well as selectable pump and fan operating modes and Ampcontrol’s wireless Outlet Test System. An industrial rated, user friendly touch screen display allows for configuration, control and monitoring of the outlet.

User Manual – iMAC Module Programming Procedure

iMAC Modules typically need to be programmed (configured) when connected to the iMAC L1 Fieldbus communication line. The iMAC Controller is used to program the modules. Each module (data register) must be programmed with an address and up to three other parameters. The parameters are used to control how a particular module behaves.

Technical Datasheet – ELM V2 Relay

The Ampcontrol ELM V2 earth leakage relay has been designed and approved for use on earth fault limited systems providing earth leakage protection (earth fault protection). The relay is also suitable for other applications where equipment or system earth leakage protection is required.

Technical Datasheet – ELD V3 Relay

The Ampcontrol ELD V3 earth leakage relay has been designed and approved for use on earth fault limited systems, namely coal mining applications, providing earth leakage protection (earth fault protection) as per AS/NZS 2081:2011. The relay is also suitable for other applications where equipment or system earth leakage protection is required.

User Manual – ELM V2 Relay

The Ampcontrol ELM V2 Earth Leakage Relay is electronic in design and is based on microprocessor technology. The earth fault current is measured using a toroid, with the trip time and trip threshold being able to be independently adjusted using selectors on the relay fascia. When a fault occurs and the trip level and time delay is exceeded the relay‟s trip function is activated. A trip will de-energise the trip contacts connected in the system control circuit. The trip condition is latched in non-volatile memory and requires operation of the reset input to clear the trip condition. An internal reset is also provided on the fascia of the relay.

Product Update – EL Relay

Some of the relays components are experiencing obsolescence issues, and have been updated to ensure continued production. New item numbers for the current discrete Earth Leakage Relays have been allocated to facilitate these changes. The functionality, form and fitment of these relays remains unchanged