Application Note – Earth Continuity Pilot Voltages

The function of the earth continuity system is to enable SAFE and RELIABLE operation of reticulated mining equipment by ensuring the presence of an adequate earth connection. Earth continuity is typically required in applications where there is a fundamental reliance on the earth return impedance for the electrical safety of the operating equipment.

User Manual – Outlet Test System (OTS)

The Ampcontrol Outlet Test System (OTS) provides a fully automated outlet testing facility. The OTS completely eliminates paper-based record keeping by concurrently updating a historical database with the latest test data.

The OTS is comprised of an OTS module, embedded within the outlet electrics, and an OTS Comms Module, mounted on the door to provide Bluetooth connectivity to the outlet tester.
All tests are initiated wirelessly via the OTS Application Software, which is installed on compatible Bluetooth enabled devices. Each outlet is able to be individually targeted.

All local test records are managed within the OTS Application Software until the tablet performs an authorised sync with the AWARE cloud storage. When this occurs all local test reports are uploaded to the cloud, and then all Assets and Users are refreshed for selected site. All OTS test records can be accessed by anyone with internet access and authorisation (user account).

Obsolescence Notice: ECM2

The ECM2 relay has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. A direct replacement alternative, the ECM3 is now available.

Technical Data Sheet – ECM3 Relay

The ECM3 has been designed to provide earth continuity protection for cables containing pilot cores. In practical applications, environmental factors often prevent an earth continuity protection system from complying with both requirements of AS/NZS 2081 and AS/NZS 4871.

User Manual – PF1 Relay

The Ampcontrol PF1 is a multi-functional Relay designed for hard rock mining applications. It has the ability to perform two standard protection functions which are compliant to AS/NZS2081:2011 for Earth Leakage and Earth Continuity. In addition to these protection functions, the PF1 also provides selectable control functionality for Pump or Fan motor installations.

Technical Data Sheet – PF1 Relay

The PF1 is intended for use in the hard rock mining industry on electrical outlets supplying Pump or Fan motors. The PF1’s Pump and Fan operating modes can both be disabled,
allowing the PF1 to also operate as a combined Earth Leakage and Earth Continuity relay on non-pump and non-fan outlets.

Technical Data Sheet – Series EC Resistor Bank

The Ampcontrol Series Earth Continuity Resistor Bank is designed to reduce step and touch potentials within an electrical distribution network. The Series Earth Continuity Resistor Bank introduces resistance to the pilot circuit, reducing the required trip value of an Earth Continuity relay.

Technical Data Sheet – ROC Relay

The ROC Earth Continuity Relay has been designed to AS2081.2 1988 to monitor the earth continuity of a trailing or reeling cable in an underground mining operation on a fault-limited system. The relay has been approved to be intrinsically safe and is suitable for use in a Zone 0 hazardous area.

Technical Data Sheet – ROB Earth Continuity Relay

The ROB Earth Continuity Relay has been designed to AS 2081.2 1988, to monitor the earth continuity of a trailing cable in an underground mining operation. The relay has been approved to be intrinsically safe and is suitable for use in Zone 1 or 2 hazardous areas.

User Manual – MEC-1

The MEC-1, earth continuity relay, is an electrical protection relay designed for operation in metalliferous mining applications. It provides earth continuity protection in accordance with AS/NZS 2081:2011 ensuring the integrity of the earth connection through a trailing or reeling cable is maintained. Earth Continuity protection is another layer of protection that, along with earth leakage protection, can help keep step and touch voltage potentials at a safe level by ensuring the earth resistance is below a determined safe level.