Application Note – Explosive Hazards Linked to Flammable Aerosols and Liquids

The use of flammable aerosols or liquids should be risk assessed before use to reduce the likelihood of an explosive hazard being generated. While some flammable gasses do not readily achieve a combustible mixture, others can be extremely combustible. This makes the classification of exposure difficult and judgement of acceptability should be made on a per case basis or identified in the site’s risk assessment.

1000V Multi Outlet DCB – Hard Rock

Ampcontrol’s 1000V Multi Outlet DCB provides a cost effective power distribution solution specifically designed for hard rock mining applications.

1000V Distribution Control Board (DCB)

Ampcontrol designs and manufactures a range of 1000V DCBs to suit mining applications such as underground development systems. Ampcontrol’s 1000V DCB product range includes up to 12 outlets and can be offered in either flameproof or IP rated enclosures, built to customer specifications.

Outlet Cassette System (OCS)

Ampcontrol’s Outlet Cassette System (OCS) provides a safe compact solution for individual outlet isolation and visible earthing of mining equipment at 1000V and above.

3.3kV Longwall DCB Product Brochure

Ampcontrol’s 3.3kV Longwall DCB product range includes up to 12 outlets and is offered in a flameproof enclosure and built to customer specifications. The DCB is an integral component of a complete Longwall Electrical System, providing distribution and protection of all 3.3kV circuits on the longwall.