User Manual – iMAC2 Controller Modbus TCP-IP Communications

This document is intended to provide a detailed explanation of the communications protocols supported by the iMAC2 Controller’s Ethernet port. The iMAC2 Controller uses industry standard Modbus TCP/IP protocol for exchanging data with compatible Ethernet devices. The iMAC2 Controller facilitates a Modbus Slave (server) device. This document is not intended to provide information on the operation of the overall iMAC System, individual modules or instruction on programming the iMAC2 Controller or modules. Please refer the relevant supplementary documents for this information.

Declaration of Conformity – iMAC Controller

In May 2018, the iMAC / iMAC2 Controller operating system firmware was modified to extend the iMAC Module Serial Number range. These changes occurred in iMAC Controller Operating System Firmware v4.0 (O.S. v4.0). Marcus Punch Pty Ltd was engaged to perform a safety integrity verification of these changes. iMAC2 report AMP-15-01-A1 Revision 3 (including Revisions 4 & 5) and iMAC report AMP-11-05-A2 Revision 2 (including Revisions 3 & 4) assessed these changes to be in compliance with the requirements pertaining to software modification and as a result the existing safety metrics (PFD and PFH) for the iMAC Controller, iMAC2 Controller, 2-wire and 3-wire iMAC systems remain unchanged.

User Manual – iMAC Module Programming Procedure

iMAC Modules typically need to be programmed (configured) when connected to the iMAC L1 Fieldbus communication line. The iMAC Controller is used to program the modules. Each module (data register) must be programmed with an address and up to three other parameters. The parameters are used to control how a particular module behaves.

Technical Datasheet – iMAC LIM

The iMAC LIM is an Intrinsically Safe (Ex ia), highly configurable remote indication module, which interfaces directly to the iMAC Fieldbus.

Catalogue – H3RO Harsh Environment Reticulated Optics

With fibre optics becoming the absolute foundation of all industrial networking and cabled communications infrastructure, we’ve made things easier with H3RO – Harsh Environment Reticulated Optics. By using a combination of 12 and 4 core optical cables and H3RO Bots, a relatively limitless number of industrial Ethernet application scenarios can be achieved with this simple modular system.

User Manual – VoiceCom VAA Tunnelling

Ampcontrol’s Voicecom Tunnelling Amplifier (VAA) is a field communication module used either as a standalone system or as part of the Voicecom Communication System. It provides intercom capability with integrated microphone and speakers for use in mining and tunnelling applications.

User Manual – VoiceCom System

The Ampcontrol designed VoiceCom system is a multi-station audio communication system suitable for long wall and conveyor message applications. The system’s three principal functions include generating pre-start alarms, playing pre-recorded voice messages and one to many station communications.

Engineering Note – VoiceCom Phone Party-Lined

This engineering note provide a troubleshooting guide for users of Ampcontrol’s phone range that are experiencing issues with party-lined phones appearing off-hook when they have been confirmed to be on-hook.

Whitepaper – iMAC2 Controller

Introducing the iMAC2 Supervisory Controller. Ampcontrol’s new iMAC2 Supervisory Controller extends the capabilities of the standard iMAC system, providing additional Ethernet communication and diagnostic functionality whilst maintaining compatibility with all existing iMAC installations.