Case Study – Sugar Mill Transformer Maintenance Services

The customer approached Ampcontrol after raising concerns about the condition of a transformer located at one of their sugar mill processing plants. Recent oil analysis results indicated occurrence of a serious T3 Thermal Fault – high temperature heating (> 700°C).

Case Study: Mechanical Analysis of a 25MW Turbine

Ampcontrol was engaged to analyse machine vibration on a 25MW turbine at an alternative power generation facility in QLD. A 25MW turbine at the facility was experiencing high levels of vibration after being returned to service from overhaul. Ampcontrol’s mechanical team attended the site and balanced the turbine. After balancing, the turbine ran with a very low level of vibration, significantly less that before overhaul.

Power Quality Audit

Ampcontrol’s power quality (PQ) audit services offers customers a health check on the quality of their electrical network. A PQ audit can help determine the causes of electrical problems and provide a well-designed plan to correct them. Ampcontrol’s PQ audit services enable energy users to gain an insight into the stability of their electrical network in terms of power quality.

C2MS Commission Management System

Be in total control of the completions and commissioning process with Ampcontrol’s Commissioning Management System C2MS. C2MS is an efficient, clear and easy to use package that tracks and controls actions, deadlines, responsibilities, equipment and inspection plans throughout the commissioning process; and enables you to quantify progress with accurate dashboard reports.

Commissioning Support Services

Ampcontrol’s specialist technical support teams can provide commissioning support for a range of OEM electrical and electronic equipment. As the OEM we know the most efficient and safe installation methods for our products and provide the best solution to commission new equipment or return existing equipment to site.

Conveyor System and Fixed Equipment Support

Ampcontrol’s specialist service team provide support to keep your conveyor systems and fixed equipment working at their best. Our team can provide engineering, onsite and workshop support services.

Design, Auditing, Testing and Analysis

Protection system analysis, HV condition and compliance audits and reporting, Earth grid testing, Power quality, harmonic and energy analysis, Fibre network testing. Ampcontrol’s highly qualified, certified and skilled engineering teams provide a comprehensive range of testing, analysis, auditing and reporting for customers to ensure their operations are compliant and working at optimal levels.

Earth Grid Design and Testing

Ensure touch and step potentials remain at a safe level and your system complies with relevant standards with periodic earth grid testing undertaken by Ampcontrol’s accredited engineers. Our engineers assess the stability of the measured voltages at increasing distances to provide an accurate earth grid impedance measurement.

Fibre Ethernet Gas Detection and Environmental Monitoring System

Ampcontrol’s Fibre Ethernet gas detection and environmental monitoring system is an easy-to-deploy, highly reliable, IECEx ia certified gas and air velocity monitoring system for Hazardous Areas. The system provides real-real time monitoring of gas levels and consists of two key components, customised sensor pans and a power distribution enclosure. The customised sensor pans include a Gasguard Controller and a combination of up to four Ampcontrol Gasguard sensors.