Application Note – Earth Leakage Relay 4-20mA Failure

It has been identified that some customers are experiencing failures of the 4-20mA circuit in our discrete EL relays. The fault has no impact on the relay’s trip function capability, which remains fully functional as designed. The fault is unveiled as an incorrect 4-20mA output regulation. The 4-20mA output is provided for remote monitoring of the effective EL current being detected by the relay.

Application Note – 11kV IPD EFLO and HV test modules

Ampcontrol has received reports of a customer experiencing nuisance EFLO trips on new IPD 11kV EFLO equipment. Upon inspection of hardware and investigation, Ampcontrol was able to identify that the environmental conditions subjected to the hardware as the root cause of the nuisance tripping.

Application Note – ELV-PRO Equipment Update

The ELV-PRO relay is a successor to the VSD-Guard, a premium Earth Leakage Relay providing users with a greater visibility and insight into the earth leakage currents within their system. In recent months a number of concerns have been raised regarding the relay experiencing nuisance tripping. The concerns identified with the product do not prevent the ELV-PRO detecting Earth Leakage faults; rather users may experience nuisance tripping. The relay does not present a safety risk with all trips / failures resulting in a safe failure condition.

Application Note – Earth Continuity Pilot Voltages

The function of the earth continuity system is to enable SAFE and RELIABLE operation of reticulated mining equipment by ensuring the presence of an adequate earth connection. Earth continuity is typically required in applications where there is a fundamental reliance on the earth return impedance for the electrical safety of the operating equipment.

Application Note – Explosive Hazards Linked to Flammable Aerosols and Liquids

The use of flammable aerosols or liquids should be risk assessed before use to reduce the likelihood of an explosive hazard being generated. While some flammable gasses do not readily achieve a combustible mixture, others can be extremely combustible. This makes the classification of exposure difficult and judgement of acceptability should be made on a per case basis or identified in the site’s risk assessment.

50MVA transformer

As part of the project Ampcontrol designed, manufactured and tested a 40/50MVA 132/11kV transformer, with a final fully assembled weight of 85 Tonnes. The transformer was fully tested in house in Ampcontrol’s transformer facility.

User Manual – Gasguard 2 Communications

The GG2 Display Module is an intrinsically safe apparatus for the purpose of displaying and transmitting sensor data and system information. The GG2 Display consists of a certified GG2 Display Module and associated wiring installed within an IP66 rated stainless steel enclosure. This document details the Modus and iMAC communication protocols.

Case Study – Indian Mine Expansion – Onsite Commissioning and Training

Contacted by long standing customer GCPL, Ampcontrol supplied a 10 drive AUK5000 (AW2000) Power Centre to the PVK-5 coal mine in India. Additional equipment also included a 4 drive AUK1000 550V Motor Starter and onsite support including surface commissioning and training with Ampcontrol’s Indian Service Engineering team.


Ampcontrol’s high specification, custom designed transformers are known for their quality and durability.

Our designs cover dry and oil type transformers for electrical distribution substations, power generation, voltage regulation, mining, traction and refining applications as well as retrofits and OEM replacement.

Not just a manufacturer, we also add value through our solutions based approach to specialised projects. With our broad capabilities and product ranges, we are uniquely positioned to integrate power and distribution transformers with other Ampcontrol products and capabilities including fixed, modular, relocatable and transportable substations, switchrooms and switchyards, as well as third party products to deliver complete power infrastructure requirements.

We also offer a range of field, workshop and laboratory services that support high voltage assets.