Dust Caps for Flameproof Couplers and Plugs

Moulded from a high performance engineering plastic these dust caps are fitted to Ex d plugs and couplers to provide protection from mechanical damage, moisture and debris.

Case Study – Kai Tak Development

Contracted by a leading infrastructure company in Hong Kong, Ampcontrol provided customised low voltage switchboards to allow a connection of 2 x 1400kVA and 1 x 600kVA generators with an auto synchronisation function for temporary power to a rectangle tunnel boring maching at their Kai Tak Development situated between residential homes, a school and a main road.

Case Study – Underground Commissioning in Turkey

Ampcontrol’s customer in Turkey specialises in the mining, processing, distribution and importation of hard coal. Working in partnership with the customer, Ampcontrol carried out the
commissioning of a AW2000/E7/B 1100/500V circuit breaker.

Case Study – Grand Paris Cabling – French Language

La Société du Grand Paris a attribué le contrat de génie civil T2A de la ligne 15 à un groupement d’entreprises. Le lot T2A sera à 85% en sous-sol et devra être opérationnel en 2030. Ampcontrol a été chargé de fournir les câbles spéciaux en panier 20kV pour l’alimentation de 3 tunneliers.

Case Study – Grand Paris Express Cabling

Contracted by a leading international construction company, Ampcontrol delivered 7440 meters of cable to help complete the construction of the Grand Paris Express tunnel T2A line extension.

Case Study – Sugar Mill Transformer Maintenance Services

The customer approached Ampcontrol after raising concerns about the condition of a transformer located at one of their sugar mill processing plants. Recent oil analysis results indicated occurrence of a serious T3 Thermal Fault – high temperature heating (> 700°C).

Withdrawal Notice – ISUPS 300Whr V1

The ISUPS 300Whr V1 was made obsolete in 2017 and has not been manufactured since. We have continued to support this product, however, critical components required for repair are no longer readily available and have increase repair turn around times.

Application Note – Earth Leakage Relay Power Up Trip

Ampcontrol has recently been made aware of a condition that causes the ELD V3 and ELV V2 relays to power up into a tripped state. The trip is related to the internal charge of the super-capacitor. The issue may cause delayed power up of equipment as a reset will be required if a trip occurs.

The cause of this trip is not a safety concern nor will it pose any risks to operations experiencing this condition. The trip was detected during the commissioning stage where the equipment was undergoing repetitive power cycles.

Technical Data Sheet – Gasguard 2 Electrochemical Detectors O2 & CO

The Electrochemical (EC) CO and O2 models of the GG2 Detector are intrinsically safe sensors for monitoring the atmospheric concentration of Carbon Monoxide (CO) or Oxygen (O2) gas. The stainless steel housing is robust, corrosion resistant and fit for purpose. Power and communications is facilitated through the low profile connector, allowing for quick plug and play connections to compatible models, such as the GG2 Display.

Cables Services UK

Cable management is a holistic process, one which Ampcontrol provides internationally. From the development of market leading transportation solutions through to predictive and preventative maintenance programs, Ampcontrol can devise a custom cable management approach to suit any application within mining and tunnelling.

One of the most unique aspects of our cable management approach is the custom cable frame we engineer to transport the cable. This durable solution ensures reliable delivery as well as allowing the cable to be moved easily within your site.