Adasa aquaDam

aquaDam is the best solution for monitoring water quality in reservoir water. The system consists of a multi-parameter, self-positioning system that enables measurement cycles to be carried out both automatically and autonomously of the representative parameters of quality at various depths in reservoir water.

Adasa aquaMonia

Ammonium in spring water is usually found at very low concentrations, with levels below 0.1 mg of NH4 +/l. Basically, its presence is due to excretions from fluvial fauna or as a product of decomposition. Plants take it up as a source of nitrogen during their natural cycle.

Adasa aquaMonia A-103

aquaMonia A103 is an analyzer that is optimum for determining the concentration of ammonium in levels below 0.1 ppm with a high level of accuracy, ensuring a perfect characterisation of the water mass.

Adasa aquaMonia A-104

aquaMonia A104 is characterised by its low maintenance and offers the ideal solution for environments that do not need a low detection limit. Based on an FIA system and ISE selective electrode, aquaMonia A104 features low consumption of reagents.

Adasa aquaMonia A-105

aquaMonia A105 is the analyser best suited for applications with high levels of turbidity and/or where ammonium levels are high, such as polluted rivers, sewage collectors, treatment intakes, etc. It incorporates an efficient cleaning system with a low consumption of reagents, and minimal maintenance.

Adasa aquaMostra

aquaMostra takes samples under optimum conditions, for subsequent laboratory analysis. It is an indispensable complement for installations with early warning and continuous analysis units.

Adasa aquaNitra

Nitrate & Chloride Water Analyzer

Nitrates are a major source of diffuse pollution due to overuse of fertilizers. Current worldwide regulations define specific limits of concentration in order to declare an affected media.

Case Study – Reducing Water Pollution

Adasa’s online water quality analysis products and the automatic alert stations enable the monitoring and diagnosis of incidents, allowing us to know the characteristics and origin of discharges.

Water Quality, Monitoring and Control Solutions

Ampcontrol offers advanced water quality monitoring and control solutions, underpinned by its exclusive partnership with Adasa. Ampcontrol’s integration, installation and service capabilities are built on a strong foundation of industry knowledge acquired over many years.