User Manual – Gasguard 2 Detector CH4 O2 CO CO2 Sensor Units

The GG2 Detector is an intrinsically safe apparatus for the purpose of gas concentration level detection and atmospheric monitoring. The equipment is housed in a metallic enclosure with a custom plug interface on the top and is powered by and connected to suitably certified compatible equipment. The GG2 detector can be mounted via the custom plug interface and is secured with the integral retention clip. Optionally, the GG2 Detector may be mounted up to 10 meters away from a compatible module using the optional remote cable assembly. The remote cable assembly allows the GG2 Detector to be installed in an appropriate position for the target gas.

User Manual – Gasguard 2 Display

The GG2 Display Module is an intrinsically safe apparatus for the purpose of displaying and transmitting sensor data and system information. The GG2 Display consists of a certified GG2 Display Module and associated wiring installed within an IP66 rated stainless steel enclosure.

The GG2 Display is available in three variants, a glanded display supporting iMAC/RS485 communication and two pluggable versions supporting 4-20mA+iMAC and 4-20mA+RS485 communication. The display connects to a variety of compatible detector modules via the robust proprietary connector. An optional Remote Cable Assembly is available for mounting compatible modules up to 10 metres from the GG2 Display.

Technical Data Sheet – Gasguard CH4 Sensor (ATEX)

Ampcontrol’s Gasguard Flammable Gas Sensor/Transmitter (ATEX) is supplied complete with an amplifier and a Liquid Crystal Display. The Gas sensor is housed in a cast stainless steel enclosure, has been approved to be intrinsically safe and is suitable for use in a Zone 0 hazardous area. A remote head version with up to ten metres of cable is also available for use on mobile machinery such as roof bolters and continuous miners.

User Manual – iMAC2 Controller Modbus TCP-IP Communications

This document is intended to provide a detailed explanation of the communications protocols supported by the iMAC2 Controller’s Ethernet port. The iMAC2 Controller uses industry standard Modbus TCP/IP protocol for exchanging data with compatible Ethernet devices. The iMAC2 Controller facilitates a Modbus Slave (server) device. This document is not intended to provide information on the operation of the overall iMAC System, individual modules or instruction on programming the iMAC2 Controller or modules. Please refer the relevant supplementary documents for this information.

User Manual – Rockstarter

Ampcontrol’s Rockstarter is a multifunction, multi-voltage outlet starter designed for use in underground hard rock mining. It is also suitable for use in tunnelling and other industrial applications. The Rockstarter controls a single power outlet, rated up to 250A/1000V, incorporating an integrally designed circuit breaker, contactor and protection electronics, all into a single robust unit. The starter provides all standard outlet protection functions as well as selectable pump and fan operating modes and Ampcontrol’s wireless Outlet Test System. An industrial rated, user friendly touch screen display allows for configuration, control and monitoring of the outlet.

User Manual – iMAC Module Programming Procedure

iMAC Modules typically need to be programmed (configured) when connected to the iMAC L1 Fieldbus communication line. The iMAC Controller is used to program the modules. Each module (data register) must be programmed with an address and up to three other parameters. The parameters are used to control how a particular module behaves.

User Manual – ELM V2 Relay

The Ampcontrol ELM V2 Earth Leakage Relay is electronic in design and is based on microprocessor technology. The earth fault current is measured using a toroid, with the trip time and trip threshold being able to be independently adjusted using selectors on the relay fascia. When a fault occurs and the trip level and time delay is exceeded the relay‟s trip function is activated. A trip will de-energise the trip contacts connected in the system control circuit. The trip condition is latched in non-volatile memory and requires operation of the reset input to clear the trip condition. An internal reset is also provided on the fascia of the relay.

User Manual – ELV-Pro Analyser

User Manual forAmpcontrol’s ELV-PRO, a high performance, microprocessor based, wide bandwidth earth leakage protection relay that is capable of measuring and analysing power and switching frequency currents flowing in IT power systems. The ELV-PRO uses patented technology (US20130258537) to characterise earth leakage currents giving superior fault discrimination.

Gasguard HS2 CO O2 NO NO2 Sensors User Manual

User manual for Ampcontrol’s Gasguard Transmitter/Sensor assembly an IEC Ex ia Group I certified assembly. The Certification is based on the unit being sealed to IP66 in a stainless steel enclosure and the appropriate checks being made on the Intrinsically Safe Parameters of the overall system the transmitter is connected into.

User Manual – ISUPS2 300Wh

The 300Wh V2 Intrinsically Safe Uninterruptible Power Supply (ISUPS 2) by Ampcontrol is designed for Group I applications. The ISUPS converts 90 ~ 250VAC mains power into intrinsically safe low voltage DC power with a built-in Battery Backup. A user accessible keypad, LCD screen, and indicator lamps allow interrogation and configuration of the ISUPS.