Application Note – Explosive Hazards Linked to Flammable Aerosols and Liquids

The use of flammable aerosols or liquids should be risk assessed before use to reduce the likelihood of an explosive hazard being generated. While some flammable gasses do not readily achieve a combustible mixture, others can be extremely combustible. This makes the classification of exposure difficult and judgement of acceptability should be made on a per case basis or identified in the site’s risk assessment.

Safety Alert: ISA Burden

The user manual for the programmable ISA (Part # 121603) depicts a 1.9V DC voltage drop across the ISA when used in 4-20mA mode.

The user manual should state a voltage drop range of 1.9V – 4.3V DC.

Service Bulletin – Deiselguard and SA17-06

This bulletin has been issued to advise users that the Dieselguard Machine Monitoring system is not affected by the issues raised in the regulators alert notice SA17-06. Dieselguard was designed to address the exact overvoltage situation described in the regulators notice with input voltage range parameters (9.5 – 36V), overvoltage tolerance (90V) and infallible, galvanically isolated (2kV) encapsulated (Exm) input circuit design.

Service Bulletin – IP and EL Relays

Updated Installation and overhaul requirements of Ampcontrol integration protection and earth leakage relays. The following information has been added to the IP relay user manuals maintenance section. This has been included due to equipment being returned to AS3800 RSF’s and the IS components not being overhauled and then returned to service, only for the user to experience nuisance tripping, reliability issues and or failure shortly thereafter.

Safety Alert – Integrated Protection Relay Base Mounting

There has recently been an event involving Ampcontrol’s IPB Integrated Protection relay. The event occurred in a QLD underground coal mine where a tradesperson installed an IPB Relay 180° out of position into the relay mounting base.

Product News – Firmware Anomaly Batch of EFL Relays

An anomaly has been identified in the firmware for the initial production run of the EFL earth fault lockout & frozen contactor protection relay. The Stand-Alone EFL (14 units) and the EFL with Internal Barrier (5 units), within the noted serial ranges are affected.

Product Recall – ROC Relay manufacture in 2012

Ampcontrol is voluntarily recalling a batch of ROC earth continuity relays (par number 101577) that were manufactured in 2012. The serial numbers affected are listed in the attached. Customers with relays in the serial number range listed are requested to return them to Ampcontrol for repair.