Withdrawal Notice – ISUPS 300Whr V1

The ISUPS 300Whr V1 was made obsolete in 2017 and has not been manufactured since. We have continued to support this product, however, critical components required for repair are no longer readily available and have increase repair turn around times.

Withdrawal Notice – IPC Product Family

During the lifespan of the IPC Integrated Protection Relay, several key materials that are required to manufacture the products within the IPC family have been made obsolete by their respective manufacturers. As a result, Ampcontrol has been forced to withdraw the IPC range.

Obsolete Relays Repair Notice – 25.11.16

A number of Ampcontrol electrical protection relays which have already been made obsolete, and not manufactured for some time, will no longer be repaired (WN-2016-04). This is because a number of critical components required for repair are no longer available. The effected products are outlined in the notice along with the replacement series (if applicable).