Product Update – ELD V3 and ELV V2 Application Note

Ampcontrol has recently been made aware of a condition that causes the ELD V3 and ELV V2 relays to power up into a tripped state. The trip is related to the internal charge of the super-capacitor. The issue may cause delayed power up of equipment as a reset will be required if a trip occurs.

The cause of this trip is not a safety concern nor will it pose any risks to operations experiencing this condition. The trip was detected during the commissioning stage where the equipment was undergoing repetitive power cycles.

Product Update – ECM3 Application Note

If your installation is experiencing nuisance tripping due to DC offset sources, and you are not required to use Earth Continuity Protection for touch potential safety, then the following application note may be a suitable solution. The ECM3 Earth Continuity Relay utilises a DC sense signal to determine the Pilot Series and Shunt Resistance. In some applications where the relay is exposed to DC offset sources (i.e. when exposed to a cathodically protected wharf or pontoon to fight against corrosion), the applied DC source can interfere with the relay’s sensing ability.

Declaration of Conformity – iMAC Controller

In May 2018, the iMAC / iMAC2 Controller operating system firmware was modified to extend the iMAC Module Serial Number range. These changes occurred in iMAC Controller Operating System Firmware v4.0 (O.S. v4.0). Marcus Punch Pty Ltd was engaged to perform a safety integrity verification of these changes. iMAC2 report AMP-15-01-A1 Revision 3 (including Revisions 4 & 5) and iMAC report AMP-11-05-A2 Revision 2 (including Revisions 3 & 4) assessed these changes to be in compliance with the requirements pertaining to software modification and as a result the existing safety metrics (PFD and PFH) for the iMAC Controller, iMAC2 Controller, 2-wire and 3-wire iMAC systems remain unchanged.

Product Update – EL Relay

Some of the relays components are experiencing obsolescence issues, and have been updated to ensure continued production. New item numbers for the current discrete Earth Leakage Relays have been allocated to facilitate these changes. The functionality, form and fitment of these relays remains unchanged

Product News – iMAC R04 V2

Ampcontrol has released a revised version of the iMAC RO4 module to address component obsolescence issues with the existing module. The all new RO4 module is a completely re-developed module utilising Ampcontrol’s latest iMAC hardware and software platforms. The new RO4 V2 module supersedes and replaces all previous versions of the RO4 module (V0, V1).

Obsolete Relays Repair Notice – 25.11.16

A number of Ampcontrol electrical protection relays which have already been made obsolete, and not manufactured for some time, will no longer be repaired (WN-2016-04). This is because a number of critical components required for repair are no longer available. The effected products are outlined in the notice along with the replacement series (if applicable).

Product Update – IPM Relay

The IPM relay has been upgraded to broaden its applications, this time the current range of the relay has been expanded and now covers the range from 0.5125Amps to 640Amps. This range change has been included after the “Snore” function (for automatic pump operation, where the IPM software controls the starting and stopping of the pump) was added.

Product Update – IPD Relay Transient Overreach Function Added

The IPD relay has been upgraded to broaden its applications; the current range of the relay has been expanded for a selectable time from the closure of the MCI input of the relay. This will allow for direct on-line-motors to start without tripping the Short Circuit protection, and in many cases will allow the delay for the S/C trip function to be reduced to a minimum without compromising the ability to start direct-online motors.

Product Update – DNET-IP2

Ampcontrol has updated the DNET-IP2 Power Supply. This new version replaces the existing model and is now available. The previous version of the DNET-IP2 Power Supply (Part Number 101539) will be replaced by the new version of the module in production. The previous version will no longer be manufactured. The previous version of the DNET-IP2 Power Supply will no longer be supported for repair. When a power supply is received for repair, the latest version of the module will be supplied as a replacement.

Product News – Firmware Anomaly Batch of EFL Relays

An anomaly has been identified in the firmware for the initial production run of the EFL earth fault lockout & frozen contactor protection relay. The Stand-Alone EFL (14 units) and the EFL with Internal Barrier (5 units), within the noted serial ranges are affected.