Catalogue – Hard Rock Mining

Hard rock mining specific power distribution, surface power equipement, conveyor solutions, cable management, fibre optics, field services and testing.

Catalogue – H3RO Harsh Environment Reticulated Optics

With fibre optics becoming the absolute foundation of all industrial networking and cabled communications infrastructure, we’ve made things easier with H3RO – Harsh Environment Reticulated Optics. By using a combination of 12 and 4 core optical cables and H3RO Bots, a relatively limitless number of industrial Ethernet application scenarios can be achieved with this simple modular system.

Catalogue – Hard Rock Mining Relays

In an industry where safety is paramount, Ampcontrol has a proven track record of delivering products to suit the unique system challenges and hazards of hard rock mining applications. Our comprehensive and cost effective range of electrical protection relays ensure safe and stable electrical systems.

Allenwest Ampcontrol Mining Products

Allenwest Ampcontrol designs, manufactures and delivers integrated electrical solutions that improve safety, maintain efficient mining operations and meet stringent regulatory requirements. We are the industry leaders in integrated electrical, monitoring and control solutions for mining applications. Our customised solutions are designed to meet the operational requirements and specifications of our global customers. We also support the equipment we supply with spare parts and field service to ensure equipment runs as it is supposed to, doesn’t break down and is statutory compliant.

ATF Flameproof Products Catalogue

ATF Mining Electrics specialises in the design, manufacture and overhaul of mining electrical systems for non-hazardous and hazardous area as well as mining machinery electrical systems.