Case Study – AW2000 Commissioning and Training (India)

In 2015/16, continuous mining mass production and longwall mining technology was introduced in Eastern Coalfields mines in Jhanjra. Since this time, Ampcontrol has provided three continuous miner operations, with a fourth in transit, Q2 2018.

Case Study: Commissioning and Testing (Turkey)

Supplying power distribution equipment to Turkish mines has been part of the UK’s offering for decades. The team recently supported the onsite commissioning, installation and personnel training of motor starters and circuit breakers for two Turkish mines.

Mechanical Analysis of a 25MW Turbine

Ampcontrol was engaged to analyse machine vibration on a 25MW turbine at an alternative power generation facility in QLD. A 25MW turbine at the facility was experiencing high levels of vibration after being returned to service from overhaul. Ampcontrol’s mechanical team attended the site and balanced the turbine. After balancing, the turbine ran with a very low level of vibration, significantly less that before overhaul.

Case Study – H3RO Underground Coal

Ampcontrol were asked to include network connectivity as part of the supply of high voltage, electrical hardware to the underground mine. The mine required easy to deploy fibre optic hardware, for integration with new and existing equipment including third party equipment and patch panels. Utilising H3RO, Ampcontrol’s harsh environment reticulated fibre optic solution, monitoring and  control of underground equipment was achieved by connecting from an existing FOBOT patch panel throughout the mine.

Case Study – H3RO Underground Hard Rock

Ampcontrol was engaged by an underground gold and copper mine in Western NSW, to provide fibre optics quickly after an existing communications cable was severed. Ampcontrol’s H3RO, harsh environment reticulated fibre optic solution, was deployed from an existing FOBOT panel for a distance over 1km along the roof, through a number of vertical drops and into another existing FOBOT enclosure.

Case Study – H3RO in an Underground Copper Mine

Ampcontrol was engaged by an underground copper mine to provide fibre optics to new underground automated mining equipment. Ampcontrol’s H3RO; harsh environment reticulated fibre optic solution, was deployed from the telecommunications hut on the surface, down a catenary wire through the existing open cut mine and into the new underground mine.