Case Study – Kai Tak Development

Contracted by a leading infrastructure company in Hong Kong, Ampcontrol provided customised low voltage switchboards to allow a connection of 2 x 1400kVA and 1 x 600kVA generators with an auto synchronisation function for temporary power to a rectangle tunnel boring maching at their Kai Tak Development situated between residential homes, a school and a main road.

Case Study – Underground Commissioning in Turkey

Ampcontrol’s customer in Turkey specialises in the mining, processing, distribution and importation of hard coal. Working in partnership with the customer, Ampcontrol carried out the
commissioning of a AW2000/E7/B 1100/500V circuit breaker.

Case Study – Grand Paris Express Cabling

Contracted by a leading international construction company, Ampcontrol delivered 7440 meters of cable to help complete the construction of the Grand Paris Express tunnel T2A line extension.

Case Study – Sugar Mill Transformer Maintenance Services

The customer approached Ampcontrol after raising concerns about the condition of a transformer located at one of their sugar mill processing plants. Recent oil analysis results indicated occurrence of a serious T3 Thermal Fault – high temperature heating (> 700°C).

Case Study – UK Turnkey Project: 11kV/415V Robust Distribution Units

Ampcontrol was selected to design, manufacture, install and commission two electrical distribution units for a major client in the gypsum mining industry in the UK, both of which were equipped with Ampcontrol’s AWT protection relays for sensitive earth fault detection and protection.

Case Study – UK Tideway Central

FLO JV was selected to build the central section of the Thames Tideway Tunnel in London, UK, and contracted Ampcontrol to assist with the provision of emergency back-up power.

Case Study – McArthur River Mine

With limited specialist HV technicians employed on-site to asssit with the management of electrical infrastructure and electronic systems, Ampcontrol was engaged to provide time critical HV field services to minimise production losses.