Real Time Gas Monitoring System – Gasguard 2

From complete mine wide monitoring and control via fibre or copper to machine gas monitoring systems, Gasguard 2 suits a wide range of applications.

Gasguard 2 comprises of an Intrinsically Safe (Ex ia I Ma) display module which allows for the display and transmission of detector data and system information. Housed within an IP66 rated stainless steel enclosure the display module is available in three variants: a glanded display supporting both digital and analogue, or pluggable versions supporting either digital or analogue.

SDMyers Course Overview Newcastle 2019

This course focuses on maintenance of the insulating system in fluid-filled transformers. It provides a foundation for intelligent transformer management from the basic design and construction to life expectancy and extension.


Modular Transportable Electrical Switchrooms. Ampcontrol has supplied modular electrical switchrooms to every industry and environment. From open cut mines, processing operations and infrastructure projects, we work closely with our customers to develop a solution that is unique, safe and compliant for their application.

SDMyers Course Mackay 2019

Ampcontrol in conjunction with SDMyers continue to lead the way with industry-recognized transformer maintenance and reliability training.

Brochure – Rockstarter

Ampcontrol’s Rockstarter is a multifunction outlet starter designed for use in underground hard rock mining. It is also suitable for use in tunnelling and other industrial applications.

Compared to traditional starters that have been custom engineered, designed and built for particular applications, the Ampcontrol Rockstarter has a completely integrated approach to provide a more versatile and commoditised solution for your operation.


Transformer Maintenance Services

Ampcontrol is dedicated to ensuring your transformer performs optimally through the provision of a range of testing and maintenance services.

Burn Brite – AlphaLite Compact

With a durable, weatherproof IP65 enclosure and solid state LED technology, the Alpha Lite Compact will withstand tough environments.


Ampcontrol introduces the specialist, clear reflective system, for identifying your valuable cable assets in the dark!
Crystal Coat, is a formulated coating technology to create a highly reflective surface that captures, intensifies and reflects light back to the source.

AUK1000 Multi Drive Control Box – India

The AUK1000 is the advanced multi-function technology base for Ampcontrol’s power distribution solutions, such as motor starters and circuit breakers. The AUK1000’s primary role is the reliable control, monitoring and protection of electrically driven plant and machinery in hazardous underground mining or petro-chemical environments. It offers advanced safety, productivity and maintenance features as well as a durable flameproof enclosure.

AUK1000 Gate End Box- Turkish

AUK1000, Devre Kesici ve Yol Verici olarak kullanılmak üzere, Ampcontrol tarafından tasarlanmış, çok fonksiyonlu bir ünitedir. AUK1000’nin temel özellikleri, Petro-kimya tesisleri ve yeraltı kömür madenleri gibi tehlikeli bölgelerde kullanılan elektrikli ekipmanların, güvenli bir şekilde korunması, izlenmesidir. AUK1000, dayanaklı alevsızdırmaz muhafazası ile yüksek güvenlik, bakım kolaylığı ve dayanıklılık sunmaktadır.