Latest offering to Indian Coal market installed successfully

Ampcontrol’s AUK1000 advanced multi-function gate end box is certified for use in underground coal mines across Europe, Turkey and India. It was recently commissioned onsite at Bhelatand Amalgamated Colliery in Jharkhand, India.

Ampcontrol was contracted to design, manufacture and deliver a central motor control unit that could operate up to four conveyor belts from a single station with full digital display and control. The unit was commissioned onsite and 14 local service engineers were trained in both the theoretical and practical application of the equipment.

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To download the case study on the AUK1000, click here.

Providing Transformer Lifecycle Support

Ampcontrol provides full lifecycle support for Power Transformers. Following the initial design, manufacture and installation however, how do you ensure that your Transformer is operating reliably and effectively?

Transformer lifecycle diagram

Ampcontrol provides a range of Transformer testing and maintenance services and has extensive experience in oil sampling, testing and diagnostics, oil regeneration, vacuum filling and the supply of filtration and dry out systems to ensure optimum Transformer operation.

We know the operational value of your high voltage infrastructure, which is why we combine these transformer oil maintenance services with our high voltage and onsite services to ensure operational availability and compliant management. Our onsite service teams are located in key regions across Australia to provide scheduled and on-call support when and where you need it.

Thanks to our new partnership SDMyers, Ampcontrol can also connect customers with internationally recognised transformer maintenance trainers to participate in three specialist courses targeted at electrical, industrial or utility technicians and engineers, maintenance managers, engineering management, electrical contractors and service companies.

The courses include Transformer Maintenance Essentials, Electrical Testing and Load Tap Changer and will run in October this year. For more detail on the content of these SDMyers courses, and to register your interest, click here.

To find out more about Ampcontrol’s Transformer capabilities, check out our Transformer overview and our Transformer refurbishment case study.

Ampcontrol connects Northern Territory to specialist HV Services

In response to growing opportunities and demand for Ampcontrol solutions throughout Northern Australia, Ampcontrol have established a local presence in Winnellie, Darwin.

Focusing on the delivery of specialist High Voltage services for energy, oil and gas, mining and defence markets, the site will operate an agile field service crew that will connect with the wider network of Ampcontrol’s Northern QLD operations to bring Northern Territory customers market leading High Voltage infrastructure such as switchrooms and transformers.

From high voltage compliance audits and safety management plans, to high voltage repairs, maintenance, upgrades and testing, Ampcontrol has dedicated High Voltage service teams across Australia who ensure safe, compliant and on time completion of  high voltage infrastructure projects. This is in addition to the manufacture and supply of market leading power distribution equipment, including remote area installations using energy sources such as solar, wind or battery.

Ampcontrol recently completed HV commissioning work for two power stations in the Northern Territory and are active members of Energy Club NT, where they attended the ‘Meet The Buyers’ event to promote the NT business supply chain. As in previous years, Ampcontrol sponsored and exhibited at the NT Resources Week, a leading exhibition for the Resources, Infrastructure and Oil and Gas markets in this region.

For more information on our range of High Voltage services, visit our High Voltage services page and submit an inquiry today.

Supporting our customers across the world – onsite commissioning and testing

The Zonguldak Region comprises five coal mines along the Black Sea coastal line. Ampcontrol has been a long term supplier to this region, with the support of local agent, MTM. Ampcontrol was contracted to deliver the
following power distribution equipment from its UK operation:
• 30 x 3.3kV Motor Starters (Karadon Mine)
• 2 x 3.3kV Circuit Breakers (Amasra Mine)

In addition to the equipment, two service engineers were sent to the sites to carry out the commissioning and testing.

For more information about this project, please read the case study.


Australian owned and operated engineering and electrical system solutions company Ampcontrol, welcomed Isaac Regional Councillor and Mayor, Anne Baker who officially opened their new site at 58 O’Neill St, Moranbah on March 22.

Jobs and the continued investment by Ampcontrol in the Moranbah site and community led the discussions as Mayor Baker formally kicked off the celebrations and supplier expo on site.

“Having an international company like Ampcontrol expand both their footprint and capabilities to deliver services to the region are welcomed contributions for Moranbah’s growth,” said Mayor Baker.

“With nine local people employed on site and the additional services to the local industry now available, this is a positive step in the economic development of Moranbah, and our region as a whole,” she said.

Since 1968, Ampcontrol has provided employment to skilled tradespeople and engineers who have contributed to some significant innovations throughout the company’s 50 year history.

“Providing employment opportunities and meaningful careers for local people in the region has always been an important part of our business,” said Don Beveridge, Ampcontrol General Manager – Northern Operations.

“With a positive turn in business conditions and outlook in the area, we are delighted to be expanding our field and automation services on top of our current cable repairs service.”

“Traditionally, Ampcontrol may have been recognised as a manufacturer that supports the mining industry, however the Ampcontrol of 2018 and beyond is so much more than that.”

“While cable services, sales and hire at Moranbah, Emerald and Mackay remains a core capability, the reach of our business into new markets means our innovative approach to engineering and customer solutions is going global,” said Mr Beveridge.

In 2017, Ampcontrol delivered electrical infrastructure on projects across Australia as well as kicking off the manufacture and supply of Australian engineered products to the world’s largest copper mine in Mongolia. The business also secured tunnelling project work in Hong Kong and Singapore.

“As we celebrate our 50th year in 2018, it is an exceptional achievement for Ampcontrol and our people. The opening of this new facility in Moranbah makes the occasion even more exciting and we look forward to working within this region and the local community to build a great business that is rewarding for everyone”, said Don.

Ampcontrol Named NSW Minerals Council 2018 Outstanding Supplier For H3RO

On 15 March, Ampcontrol were named as the 2018 NSW Minerals Council Outstanding Supplier at the annual Industry and Suppliers Awards Dinner at NSW Parliament in Sydney.

Ampcontrol’s General Manager of Sales, Garry Hillier accepted the Outstanding Supplier Award for the development and supply of H3RO, a fibre based communications and networking solution for underground mining and industrial applications, which has been adopted by 16 mining operations since its launch in 2015.

Rod Henderson, Ampcontrol CEO and Managing Director said “Our H3RO product has been an innovative game changer for Ampcontrol, enabling the effective use of fibre technology in underground mining operations that has historically been difficult to achieve.”

“We knew our customers wanted a reliable fibre optic solution for their underground operations, so we listened to their feedback and proactively addressed the challenges they were experiencing by providing a robust, cost effective, portable and easy to install fibre optic solution.”

“Being recognised as Outstanding Supplier of the Year is a true testament to everyone at Ampcontrol and it’s humbling to know that the H3RO product has been so well received in the market” added Mr Henderson.

The Universal Appeal of the H3RO solution

Ampcontrol’s H3RO product has also been on display this week at the Leading Age Services Australia 2018 Conference on the Gold Coast, welcoming 350 delegates through the conference exhibition stand.

As H3RO is a fibre optic communications solution, it is applicable to support the continued development of aged care infrastructure projects.

John Hooper, H3RO and Networking Automation Product Manager said “We’ve been demonstrating how H3RO can be used as part of passive optical network architecture to improve ICT reliability, while reducing the cost and complexity by converging the connected services for smart buildings.”

“This can support new and legacy technologies in aged care facilities including phones, nurse call systems, wifi, CCTV and digital TV/Foxtel,” he said.

Ampcontrol celebrates its 50th year of business in 2018 and continues to be a vital supplier to Australia’s resources sector with its complete range of electrical, electronic systems solutions and service support.


The Evolution of Ampcontrol: From Start Up to Success and Beyond.

Join Ampcontrol Co-Founder and Company Director Peter Cockbain as he explores the evolution of Ampcontrol from start up to success and beyond.

The Ampcontrol story is one full of twists and turns, technological firsts, impressive growth and global reach, founded on a simple yet rock solid foundation of innovation.

In this presentation Peter will explore the highs and lows of Ampcontrol’s 50 year history and provide an insight into what it takes to develop a company that engineers innovative solutions.

Event details:

Hosts: Engineers Australia – Newcastle Division

Date: Wednesday 14 February 5:30 – 8:30

Location: 25 Bull Street Newcastle or via webinar.

Register now

About Peter Cockbain

Peter Cockbain is a leader, innovator and influential mentor in the electrical engineering field. Peter is Co-founder and Company Director of Ampcontrol, a preeminent national and international manufacturer of electrical and electronics products for the mining, renewable, infrastructure and industrial sectors. It is Peter’s vision, energy and determination to continuously improve and innovate which is supported by Ampcontrol’s investment in research, development and commercialisation practices that have seen the company thrive over the last 50 years to become the multi-national success story it is today.

Peter is a past National President of Engineers Australia and has served as a board member of Standards Australia, the University of Newcastle Council and the Prime Ministers Science, Engineering and Innovation Council. In 2010 Peter was named by Engineers Australia as one of Australia’s top 100 influential engineers for his commitment to innovation and in 2015 became a Member of the Order of Australia for his significant services to engineering.

Ampcontrol AWARE IIoT – Gaining Water Insights

Ampcontrol AWARE IIoT provides operational insights into your water and waste water monitoring applications.

Our new IIoT offering, Ampcontrol AWARE, is a flexible, scalable and cost effective solution for water monitoring and control applications.

Ampcontrol AWARE provides simple access to valuable data, irrespective of location, number of monitoring points or application without the complexity and cost associated with traditional PLC/RTU/SCADA methodology.

Interested in finding out more about Ampcontrol AWARE and IIoT? We’ll be launching this innovative solution at OzWater 16 – 18 May, at the Sydney International Convention Centre, we’ll be on stand D33.

Want to know more but are unable to make OzWater? Contact Customer Service on 1300 267 373 or email

49 years young: our pathway to success so far

The brain child of four good friends was realised on April Fools day back in 1968…and for nearly 50 years,  the business now known across the world as Ampcontrol, has been a leader in electrical engineering solutions.

From the most complex electrical systems to power Australia’s mining sector through to market leading electronics products which are designed with personnel safety in mind, Ampcontrol continues to innovate and bring new ideas to industry challenges.

For more information about our history so far, check out our ‘Powering Success – History of Ampcontrol‘ digital booklet.

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Touch Potentials – Typical Practice Is Not Necessarily Safe

Traditional earth fault limits, earth loop impedances and protection clearance time ‘rule of thumb’ do not always result in safe or compliant systems.

Find out more below or download as a PDF version.

A Typical Underground Example

Touch Potentials


A typical 1000V underground supply system commonly has a 5A earth fault limit. The cables feeding outlet control and the load are often protected by earth continuity relays with a 45Ω pilot earth loop impedance limit. Allowing for the pilot resistance of the installed cable length, could see the total return earth impedance for an earth fault in the load as high as 75Ω.

Worst case touch voltage is: 75/(115+75)*577 = 228V 

Total clearance time for outlet E/L:

  • Earth leakage relay 50 msec (instantaneous)
  • Interposing relay delay 20 msec
  • Breaker/contactor delay 130 msec

= a total clearance time of 200 msec



Not compliant or safeThe scenario is typical of underground practice as the key operating parameters are consistent with values allowed in standards

  • 5A earth fault limit
  • 45 Ohm earth return impedance limit

The potential touch voltage clearance times are to the right of the safe area of the wet area curve (Lp) in AS/NZS4871.


What you need to do

The 2012 changes to AS/NZS4871 are more significant than generally appreciated. Traditional parameter values available under standards are not necessarily ‘safe’ when configured into a practical system.

Removal of prescriptive limits on key parameters including earth fault limits, trip settings and clearance times, requires all design settings to be examined from first principles.

Regardless of whether they fall below the wet area curve or not, all protection parameters should be justifiable as being as low as reasonably practical.

How to get there

  • Complete an audit of your system against the requirements of AS/NZS4871
  • Carefully consider the fundamental parameters including:
    • Earth fault limitation
    • Return earth impedance limit
    • Tripping ratio and total clearance times
  • Review underground substations for compliance against AS/NZS4871 and Safety Bulletin SB11-04 (variable speed drives and fitment of wideband earth leakage)

How Ampcontrol can help

Not sure where to start or need some help with an audit? Ampcontrol have a range of services available to help you.

Electrical engineering support: Ampcontrol’s electrical engineering team have the experience and expertise to understand and evaluate your electrical system. We can undertake protection and electrical distribution studies and provide electrical design advice.

Onsite support: Ampcontrol’s underground and HV service teams are available to conduct AS/NZS4871 audits. Our trained service technicians and electrical engineers audit your site, provide standardised documentation of audit findings, and provide recommendations for any issues identified.

Training: We provide practical training modules including how to set and configure electrical protection equipment as well as high voltage maintenance program requirements. Our training packages are custom designed to your site installation and include reference materials. Training can be conducted on a scheduled basis to ensure your staff remain up to date with requirements.