Conducting COVID-safe Upgrade Works – India

Following the installation and commissioning of an AUK5000 Power Centre for long standing customer Gainwell Commosales Private Limited (GCPL) earlier this year, Ampcontrol’s India Area Manager Avinash Kumar recently returned to site to undertake some service upgrades.

To ensure compliance with Indian COVID-19 response measures, the service work was undertaken in a large conference room rather than a workshop, ensuring social distancing requirements could be adhered to. Avinash also completed all upgrade work using his own tools allowing him to minimise contact with the on-site team.

Included within this upgrade work was the replacement of an old AWT-20 protection card with the new AWT-31 model and various software and hardware system compatibility checks.

Our dedicated on-site Indian operation provides customers with prompt maintenance and service support for all Ampcontrol products. You can find out more information about our South East Asian capabilities here.

For further information on the installation and commissioning of this AUK5000 Power Centre, you can view our case study.

Gilghi Claims Top Newcastle Engineering Award

Gilghi, Ampcontrol’s innovative off-grid containerised water treatment solution has been announced as the Newcastle divisional winner in the 2020 Australian Engineering Excellence Awards (AEEA). The win sees Gilghi advance as a finalist in November’s Sir William Hudson Awards, the highest project accolade bestowed by Engineers Australia.

Developed by Ampcontrol in conjunction with project partner Aurecon, Gilghi is an innovative off-grid water treatment plant designed for remote communities.

The Gilghi water treatment plant utilises a standalone hybrid power supply consisting of solar photovoltaic panels, a back-up diesel generator and battery storage, and is designed to meet the demanding environmental conditions of the isolated communities in which it is located.

It has been initially deployed in the community of Gillen Bore, 75km from Alice Springs, which until 2019 relied on the continued transport of potable water due to the high salinity, hardness and low pH levels found in their existing bore water.

“We are immensely proud to receive this prestigious accolade by Engineers Australia, in acknowledgment of the engineering pedigree, innovation, and technical excellence we have at Ampcontrol” said Ampcontrol CEO and Managing Director Rod Henderson.

Engineers Australia Newcastle Division Manager Helen Link added: “Thanks to Project Gilghi, Indigenous and remote communities across Australia now have access to affordable and continuous potable water thanks to an innovative new off-grid, containerised water treatment plant. It is a remarkable achievement and a worthy nominee for the national award.”

“The award-winning success of Gilghi, and our ability to design, develop and manufacture high-quality products and solutions that make a difference to people’s lives around the world is a direct result of our passionate, talented, and innovative team” added Rod Henderson.

The award capped off what proved a successful week for Ampcontrol, with Gilghi’s latest accolade quickly following last week’s Good Design Award win announcement.

For further information on Gilghi and the benefits it can provide remote communities, click here.

Ampcontrol Unveils Its Fully Developed Life-saving Ventilators

Today, Ampcontrol has unveiled its fully developed emergency ventilator, the ‘Ventasys’, reinforcing local manufacturing capability and a highly skilled region ready for the next generation of product innovation.

A partner of the Ventilator Innovation Project between NSW Government, universities, and industry, Ampcontrol responded to the NSW Government’s ‘call-to-arms’ in March 2020 to design and develop a low-cost, life-saving back-up ventilator solution during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On hand to see the first Ventasys units complete production, Ampcontrol Managing Director & CEO, Rod Henderson said he was very optimistic for the future of the local manufacturing industry.

“To turn a concept into a first-class lifesaving piece of medical equipment within such a critical timeframe is testament to the highly advanced capability and skilled expertise in our region. The collaborative approach adopted to tackle this project in conjunction with clinicians at the John Hunter Hospital, proves the ability of the local industry to rapidly pivot and solve unique problems.

What this rapid innovation health project has brought to the forefront, and more broadly as a country over the past 6 months, is what can be quickly achieved when there are strong partnerships between government, university, and industry. We have shown that we can do these things better and more quickly in Australia.”

As a member of the Committee For The Hunter and the Hunter Central MedTech Industry Network, Ampcontrol strongly advocates for continued government partnerships to boost jobs and the economy through investment in research & development, infrastructure, and product innovation.

“With the continued support of government, I am confident as a region we can build an industry leading medical manufacturing hub where businesses, researchers, students, and trainees work side-by-side developing new ideas, learning pathways, products and services with commercial application. The development of strategically important domestic manufacturing within the Hunter will provide immense benefit to the local industry, economy, and community,” Mr. Henderson added.

With prototyping, pre-production, and clinical user group assessment and testing now completed, application for TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) ‘Permission To Supply’ the Ventasys for COVID-19 use in Australia is expected to be granted in the coming weeks.

The Ventasys will now progress to the manufacturing phase with components ordered for up to 100 units. Ampcontrol will also conduct further software engineering to provide the additional sophisticated ventilator functionality requested by NSW Health clinicians and integrate them into Intensive Care Unit electronic medical record systems.

Gilghi Off-Grid Water Treatment Solution Receives Good Design Award

Ampcontrol’s innovative off-grid water treatment solution, Gilghi, designed in collaboration with project partner Aurecon, has been awarded the Good Design Award Winner accolade in the ‘Social Impact’ category during today’s virtual Good Design Week awards ceremony. The annual Good Design Awards signify the pinnacle of Australian industry’s design and innovation honours.

More than 55 Good Design Awards Jurors evaluated each entry according to a strict set of design criteria which covers ‘good design’, ‘design innovation’ and ‘design impact’. Projects recognised with a Good Design Award must demonstrate excellence in good design and convince the Jury they are worthy of recognition at this level.

Gilghi is an innovative off-grid water treatment plant designed for application within remote communities. The water treatment plant utilises a standalone hybrid power supply consisting of solar photovoltaic panels, a back-up diesel generator and battery storage, and is designed to meet the demanding environmental conditions of the isolated communities in which it is located.

“We are incredibly proud to be playing a role in delivering a sustainable water solution to communities in need through the innovative design and advanced technology of Gilghi” said Ampcontrol CEO and Managing Director Rod Henderson.

“For remote communities access to clean, safe drinking water can’t be taken for granted. The Gilghi unit is designed to be serviced and supported by the people in the communities it serves, making a meaningful improvement to people’s lives.”

Dr. Brandon Gien, CEO of Good Design Australia said: “Receiving a Good Design Award is a significant achievement given the very high calibre and record number of entries received in 2020.”

“There’s no doubt it has been a really tough year for everyone so it’s nice to be able to share some good news for a change. The projects represented in this year’s Good Design Awards shine a positive light on our creative and innovative capacity as human beings. These inspirational winning projects give me hope and optimism that our design community will continue to innovate, no matter how challenging the world around us is,” said Dr. Gien.

The Good Design Awards jury praised Gilghi, adding: “A great solution and potentially a massive market across the globe. This off-grid containerised water treatment solution has the potential to make a significant impact on the lives of people who rely on groundwater for their main water supply. A breakthrough solution that provides remote communities with quality, potable water. This is such a beautiful example of good design that makes our world better. Well done.”

For more information on Gilghi and the benefits it can provide remote communities, click here.

5 MVA Transformer Urgent Inspection and Repair

Ampcontrol provided a review of oil analysis reports, onsite inspection and urgent workshop repair, of a production critical 5MVA transformer to get it back into service as soon as possible.


The customer, a mine in Southern Queensland has been supplying coal to local power stations in the area for over thirty years. The mine approached Ampcontrol due to concerns about the condition of a production critical 5MVA transformer on their plant.


Our review of their latest oil analysis results indicated the occurrence of a serious T3 Thermal Fault – high temperature heating (>700ºC). The presence of acetylene & elevated levels of heating gases in the sample pointed to the severity of the fault and possible involvement of electrical contacts. Transformer specialists from Ampcontrol in Mackay went onsite and conducted an internal inspection. Oil was drained to the top of the core and the inspection lid removed. The team identified what could have contributed to the elevated gassing in the DGA results. The paper on 1-off LV lead connection had significantly carbonised, and as such we recommended immediate action to further investigate the problem. The Transformer was immediately transported to Ampcontrol’s transformer facility in Newcastle, NSW to carry out further inspections and the necessary repairs.The internal inspection identified a partly unsecured and dislodged coil clamp block under the top core frame. A small amount of arcing discharge between some of the core steel sheets in the outermost step of the top yoke, located in the A-phase LV side of the transformer was also found. Four hot joints in the LV leads were found, and these were the most likely cause of high-temperature fault gasses in the oil. The hot joint observed on C-phase was quite severe as the heat had travelled down close to where the LV leads exit the winding. We believed the hot joints were caused by inadequate preparation when crimping the copper lug to the aluminium winding conductor. Ampcontrol provided both onsite and workshop specialist transformer services at short notice.Our detailed workshop repair program included replacement of damaged and incompatible materials that contributed to the heating problem, and a partial rebuild of the clamping structure. The core and coil assembly were processed in a vacuum oven, followed by vacuum filling and hot oil circulation to further ‘filter’ the liquid insulation of water, gasses and particles/ debris. Electrical testing was conducted in our Newcastle workshop before being transported back to site.


  • Reviewed oil analysis results and provided remote technical support to help manage a serious problem with a production critical transformer.
  • Provided onsite emergency support at short notice including an internal inspection that identified possible causes of the problem.
  • Conducted a workshop internal inspection and detanking of core at short notice to further investigate the causes of the problem.
  • Undertook a repair program that put the transformer back into safe operation quickly.

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