Providing product commissioning and training support to the Indian coal Industry

Continuous mining mass production and longwall mining technology is an integral component of the Eastern Coalfields mines in Jhanjra, India. To provide essential power to this operation,  Allenwest Ampcontrol was commissioned to produce a AW2000 1.5MVA 6600/1100/550V flameproof power centre. The power centre was installed with International Standard Quality sockets for 1100v and 550v outlets.

In addition to this installation, Allenwest Ampcontrol facilitated a comprehensive training session with mine staff to ensure they could competently operate the system.

For more information about this project, please read the case study.

Ampcontrol commences IPO process to list on ASX

Ampcontrol has announced that it has commenced planning for an IPO process to list the company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the company is experiencing strong growth across all its operations and the outlook for the business remains very strong.

Ampcontrol’s Chairman, Terry Lawler said, “Ampcontrol is a great success story. Traditionally, we may have been recognised as a manufacturer that supports the mining industry, however, the Ampcontrol of 2018 and beyond is so much more than that.” Ampcontrol has grown significantly in key growth areas such as tunnelling infrastructure, renewables, service, electronics and power quality solutions. Ampcontrol also has an active and highly regarded R&D program.

Ampcontrol has continued to diversify the business and broaden its service offering with a number of recent strategic acquisitions including Aurecon’s specialist testing business, Transformer Maintenance Services and more recently with Complete Power Solutions.

Mr Lawler said, “This is a very exciting time for Ampcontrol as we plan for the future.  There are a large number of growth initiatives that we would like to pursue and this process will enable the company to access new sources of funding for that future growth.”

Ampcontrol have appointed Pitt Capital Partners to manage this process.