H3RO simplifies communications in tunnelling applications

Reliable communications infrastructure and networks are vital to ensure the safe and on time completion of underground tunnel construction.

Ampcontrol was engaged to support the Thomson East Coast Line project in Singapore, which consisted of two tunnels with one launch shaft and one arrival shaft created by a tunnel boring machine.

Ampcontrol provided communication infrastructure for everyday and emergency voice communication requirements and for real-time monitoring and reporting to the surface.


  • Cost savings
  • System standardisation and simplification
  • Ability for expansion and dynamic network layout
  • Reduced downtime due to more suitable harsh environment connectors
  • Self-sufficient fibre optic maintenance without specialised technicians
  • Lower loss between fibre optic connectors
  • Fast and easy deployment and re-deployment of fibre optic cable for re-use in other projects


Tunnelling applications require repeatable patterns of emergency call points every 100m, these call points need to be installed as the tunnel borer progresses while maintaining reliable communications. The traditional approach to networking these emergency call points presents a number of limitations.

The fibre optic communications infrastructure relied on military spec (MilSpec) connectors. These connectors are expensive, bulky and prone to breaking where the heavy attachment joins the
cabling. Failed or broken MilSpec cable require expensive repairs and fibre experts to cut, splice and terminate long cable runs and add additional fibre optic network cabinets. This made extensions to the network difficult requiring specialist tools and labour.

Emergency call points are required to be quickly deployed in a standard fashion with quick setup, removal and re-deployment. The standard set up is for each emergency call point to be linked to other call points in a daisy chain, meaning there are two bulkheads required within each call point. Not only does this make it a costly installation, but the arrangement takes up significant space within the limited room in the fibre system enclosures.


Ampcontrol deployed H3RO, our harsh environment reticulated optic solution which reduces network complexity and offers plug and play functionality with off the shelf components which do not require fibre specialists to install. Offering superior versatility with its ‘ plug and play’ modular components, H3RO removes the requirement for patch panel cabinets and allows for system standardisation which simplifies the network and reduces complexity. When compared to traditional MilSpec connectors, H3RO connectors have loss levels up to 20 times lower, providing overall system efficiency . By using this single mode modular network solution, Ampcontrol was able to reduce the capex cost of the optical network, simplify the topology and replace error prone and expensive network cabinets with H3RO Break-Out Terminals (BOTs).

On the ground maintenance is made easy with the H3RO system, with the connectors designed to accommodate cost effective standard fibre cleaning tools. This means day to day maintenance, such as removing any dust or dirt contaminants, can be carried out onsite without requiring a fibre specialist. Not only does this enable site works to continue efficiently, it reduces unforeseen costs which can be associated with projects in these environments.

The system is designed to be future proof, with the modular components enabling quick and easy duplication or extension as required, based on any configuration. With this in mind, the system
package was designed in a way that simplified the overall communications network and consolidated spares requirements. One of the major benefits offered by the H3RO system is the versatile design. When the project scope changed and additional fibre optic networking was required, H3RO allowed for easy extension. Additional surface infrastructure was required to be connected to the network including a workshop, medical lock and office area.

Drawing on the H3RO fibre backbone of the existing network, the design was easily expanded with a single H3RO BOT (Break-Out Terminal) which allowed for three lots of 4 core fibre cables to be diverted from a 12 core trunk to the these separate areas. This network extension was completed by site labor in a quick and timely manner keeping the overall project on schedule.

What does SA17-06 mean for Dieselguard?

The Dieselguard Machine Monitoring system is not affected by the issues raised in the regulators alert notice SA17-06.

Dieselguard was designed to address the exact overvoltage situation described in the regulators notice with input voltage range parameters (9.5 – 36V), overvoltage tolerance (90V) and infallible, galvanically isolated (2kV) encapsulated (Exm) input circuit design.

In addition each and every unit manufactured successfully completes a 1000V r.m.s 1 minute test as part of its quality control in compliance with its Exm (ia) I Certification, ensuring superior reliability over many competing products.

Find out more in the Service Bulletin

Another accolade for Ampcontrol’s rising star

Ampcontrol employee, Joshua Nott has been named Engineering Fabrication Trade Apprentice of the Year and Stan Rippon Perpetual Award winner at the 2017 Hunter Region Apprentice and Trainee Awards (HRATA).

Joshua is no stranger to accolades for his hard work. In the last 12 months, Josh won the Central Coast and Hunter TAFE Excellence Award for Fabrication, Ampcontrol’s Apprentice of the Year and a bronze medal in the 2016 National World Skills Challenge held in Melbourne.

Ampcontrol CEO and Managing Director Rod Henderson said, “It is wonderful to see Joshua’s hard work and dedication recognised by the training community. Having started my own career as an apprentice, and employed many apprentices over the course of my career, I can say that Joshua exemplifies the value of apprenticeships, becoming a valuable member of our fabrication team and an asset to Ampcontrol.”

Joshua is employed full time in Ampcontrol’s fabrication team at Tomago where he fabricates a range of customised specialist electrical enclosures, switchrooms, transformer tanks and skids.

Completing his Certificate III in Engineering Fabrication through TAFE NSW in 2016 Joshua has since completed a certificate IV in Engineering and is currently completing a Diploma in Engineering.  Josh now moves onto the NSW state awards.

Celebrating 50 years in 2018, Ampcontrol is proud to have been a part of the career journey of hundreds of Hunter locals like Joshua.

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Supporting Botswana’s Largest Diamond Mine

We’re looking forward to the next two years at Debswana Jwaneng Dimond Mine Cut 8 following the extension of our site service contract. Since 2012 we have supported Botswana’s largest diamond mining project with a specialist team of engineers and field service technicians.

Our role includes the set up and operation of a cable maintenance and repair workshop and electrical field support of the electrical distribution equipment for all mechanical shovel and drill rigs on the mine site.

To support Botswana’s burgeoning diamond industry we’ve invested in training and developing our workforce in Botswana and are providing opportunities for industrial training of electrical engineering students, playing our part in combating a national training shortage.

Take a look at some shots of our team in action at Jwaneng.

Service Bulletin: Integrated Protection and Earth Leakage Relays

A service bulletin has been issued to inform users of updates to the installation and overhaul requirements of Ampcontrol Integrated Protection and Earth Leakage Relays.

IS Components AS3800 Overhauls Requirements

Information has been added to the IP Relay user manuals maintenance section regarding AS3800 Overhauls. This has been included due to equipment being returned to AS3800 RSF’s and the IS components not being overhauled and then returned to service, only for the user to experience nuisance tripping, reliability issues and or failure shortly thereafter. The additional information can be found in the attached.

Non OEM Certified Component Use

Ampcontrol has been advised that some enterprises have manufactured and overhauled equipment using non OEM certified and supplied components. The use of unspecified componentry not only voids product warranty and certification compliance, but poses increased operational performance risks to equipment and more importantly an increased safety risk to personnel. Recommendations can be found in the attached.