Solar Flow Monitoring and Control Device

Ampcontrol built a customised and robust Flow Monitoring and Control Station with solar power capabilities suitable for remote location usage.

The station was customised for the harsh conditions and included battery backups providing continuous power and therefore continuous monitoring and control capabilities via the remote telemetry module operating in the 450 or 900MHz frequency spectrum.

The station is housed in a stainless steel enclosure which protects the monitoring and control equipment from the elements including heat, direct sunlight, dust and rain, including tropical deluge in storms, it’s also cyclone rated essential for the environment the station is installed in.

The station monitors and controls localised equipment through radio telemetry for both analogue and digital systems, reporting to the central monitoring station which analyses conditions and provides remote control capabilities.


  • Solar powered for continuous power supply in remote areas
  • Monitoring capability of up to 70km line of sight (dependant on radio modem selected) with repeater station capability to extend range further
  • Fitted with anti vibration mounts, removing issues relating to vibration from ground movement or equipment

SF6 and Oxygen Depletion Monitoring in Substations

Ampcontrol member company Austech has supplied Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) and Oxygen depletion systems for two substations in Western Sydney.

SF6 is used in high and medium voltage switchgear as an insulating medium, provides a risk of asphyxiation to site personnel in the event of a gas leak. The Austech system is designed to provide warning and evacuation alarms to site personnel in the event of an SF6 gas leak from gas filled plant or storage bottles. It also monitors oxygen depletion and provides warning and evacuation alarms when oxygen levels decrease.

The system consists of a fixed type, multipoint SF6 sampling system and iQguard Oxygen sensors with an  integrated user configurable SF6 sampling panel and a local interrogation and monitoring panel with colour touch screens.

In addition, a remote interrogation panel was also supplied to monitor gas values and alarms remotely at the unmanned site. The remote interrogation panel includes a data logging facility and trending chart. Remote interrogation is possible through a colour touch screen and the system panel is connected using Ethernet communication through the fibre optic cable.

Austech provided a full integrated package including system design, complete system hardware, project management, design validation, training and commissioning services. As part of the package the customer was provided with comprehensive staged documentation including hardware and software design specifications, inspection and test plan, cable schedules, FAT, SAT and a training curriculum.

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Managing Refrigerant Leak Detection

Ampcontrol Member Company Austech installed a refrigerant leak detection system in a large commercial complex consisting of a number of buildings including a 44 storey tower with cooling plants.

Austech designed and installed a refrigerant gas detection system which assisted the building complex to meet their OH&S requirements for the use of hazardous refrigerant gases within the buildings cooling plant. These gases, if leaked, have environmental and human safety implications.

The gas detection system uses infrared gas detectors which are designed to accurately detect the target gases they are specifically tuned to, eliminating false readings which were observed in an alternative supplier’s cheaper semiconductor type sensors.

Austech also designed a SCADA system which integrated an existing carpark carbon monoxide monitoring system with the refrigerant leak detection system to create a single, comprehensive monitoring station.

The system alerts facility management of any potential leakage, helping to minimise loss, increasing safety and providing environmental assurances. In addition it maintains an historical log of gas levels on a day by day and monthly basis.

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Custom Transportable Substation

Electricity is increasingly being viewed as a valuable commodity by Australian heavy industry customers and subsequently, they’re demanding optimal operation of their energy systems. Australian mining sites are particularly susceptible to system problems due to their often remote location and the load characteristics of heavy mining machinery such as shovels and conveyors.

From site to site, the performance demands on power distribution systems can be drastically different. Power distribution systems that are custom designed to meet the specific requirements of the site offer customers greater control over aspects such as equipment characteristics, application and environment.

As part of the expansion work at Fortescue Metals Group’s Christmas Creek minesite, the team custom designed a transportable substation that was responsive to the specific industrial loads of an iron ore mine as well as being able to withstand the arduous weather conditions of the WA climate.

The substation, used to power the process laboratories and offices, has a highly engineered design that integrates an MV Ring Main Unit for the incoming section, an 11kV/433V transformer and an LV feeder.

The unit is totally enclosed to protect all components from the weather and is mounted on a skid base that allows for easy relocation over the rough uneven ground of the mine site.

Austech Methane Analyser System Landfill Applications

Austech recently installed a Methane Analyser System at one of NSW’s largest landfill to electricity generation sites.

The plant has a combined capacity of 23MW and its accredited GreenPower ® generators can produce sufficient electricity to supply around 23,000 homes per annum.

The system consists of two pressure-forced type methane analyser systems running in redundant mode, measuring methane gas concentration in the overall landfill gas before it is supplied to multiple electricity generators-engine modules.

The key technology of the system is Austech’s IEC certified Methane Analyser. Suitable for use in hazardous areas, the analyser is highly accurate, stable and is not cross sensitive to other Hydrocarbons typically present in landfill gas.

The system is designed to optimise the engine module to achieve higher efficiency and in the event of low methane content in the landfill gas shut the plant down to avoid engine failure. This helps to prevent premature failure of capital equipment.

The Austech Methane Analyser System is a reliable, accurate and economic method of determining the concentration of methane content in the sampled gas and enables accurate online real time monitoring of methane content within the overall gas mix. This means the customer can provide these measurements to the Clean Energy Regulator which issues Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) to renewable energy companies under the Carbon Farming Initiative.

Austech has also provided ongoing maintenance, detector calibration and record keeping which assist the customer to continue meeting the requirements of the scheme. This has contributed to the systems ongoing operation, without unscheduled downtime, since 2008.

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